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Nigerian Man Shoots Another Nigerian Man For Urinating In His Area

Rasheed O.J Olabode the victim is a 27 year old Nigerian photographer who just immigrated to the US, and Christopher Poole, the killer is a 26 year old Nigerian who has been in the US much longer. Both men live in Newark.

The incident occurred on April 26, 2018 at around 10.45am.

Olabode was out running errands with his friends, then he had need for a restroom, since none was around, he went out of the car on the 700 block of South 20th Street and began urinating behind the vehicle.

Next, the assailant Poole, who lives on the block, was angered by the sight of Olabode urinating, walked into his house across the street and picked a gun.

Surveillance footage showed as he walked over to Olabode with the gun and pointed at him, Olabode pleaded with him not to shoot, but he went ahead and shot him in the chest while his friends watched from the car a distance away.

Poole walked away immediately he shot him, then Olabode ran to the car, and his friends flagged down a police officer and called an amblance. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Poole has just been sentenced to life in prison.

Video Interview: People Say That We Are Rich But We Are Not Rich – Maryam Sani Abacha

“People say we’re very rich but we’re not, we’re not rich, I am not a rich person. When I was in the Villa I didn’t look for money, I stayed there to help people, so by the time I came out I didn’t come out with money”, those were the words of Maryam Abacha, wife of former Military head of State, late General Sani Abacha in a recent interview.

It is ironic to note that while she claims they are not rich, the Nigerian Government have been receiving billions of Naira from foreign countries as money belonging to the former Head of State stashed in their countries.

In very recent times, the United States Government has refunded to the Nigerian Government, millions of dollars belonging to the late dictator.

Watch Maryam’s interview below: