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JUST IN: Nigerian Doctor Finds Cure For Covid-19, Sends To NCDC For Testing

A Nigerian doctor from Yobe State with the name Dr. Jawa has just released a treatment he believes can cure the deadly Coronavirus.

The doctor has notified and presented his medication to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control NCDC, the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 and the Governor of Yobe State. The drug, which is yet to be proven have been taken in for clinical test and assessments.

Dr. Jawa has Masters Degree from WFAS Institute Beijing. He also has a PhD in Holistic Medicine (African traditional Medical Science) from University of Kolkata.

Dr. Jawa has 40 years experience in the field of traditional medicine and has produced many medicines.

Dr. Jawa pedigree includes being the Executive Secretary of Yobe Traditional Medicine Board and National President of African Traditional Medicine Practioners. He has a school that awards diploma in African and Chinese Traditional Medicine, duly certified by Federal Ministry of Health.

BREAKING! Buhari Begins Move To Restructure Nigeria

President Buhari has started the journey on the most talked about and most desired political process in the recent history of Nigeria – Restructuring.

Restructuring Nigeria basically involves unbundling the powers of the Federal Government and empowering the Federating units of States and Local Governments to be able to tap from their resources to earn their money and control their security while contributing a portion of their proceeds to the Federal Government.

In 2011, the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan organized a National Conference where elder statesmen from all parts of the country converged in Abuja to discuss and agree on a new template of governing the country based on restructuring. The report was concluded and submitted in 2012. It was known as the Oronsaye report. Ironically, the administration of Goodluck Jonathan who organized the conference failed to adopt its recommendations and restructure the country.

Following the global economic effect of the Covid-19 pandemic and the significant fall in global oil prices, the Nigerian Government realized it can no longer run on the present structure as the country is seriously cash trapped, the President set up an Economic recovery committee headed by the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo saddled with the responsibility of working Nigeria out of the looming global recession.

As one of the measures to curtail excessive Government spending, the President approved the implementation of the Oronsaye report that will lead to a cut down in the number of agencies and MDAs run by the Government and a merger of several duplicate agencies.

More details to come…

BREAKING! Nigerian Celebrity Dies While On Instagram And Charging Her Phone

It was a sad day for the Nigerian entertainment industry yesterday as celebrity video vixen known as Love Divine, with the Instagram handle @picturekodak got electrocuted to death while charging her phone.


He incident occurred at the house of Clarence Peters in Omole estate home in Lagos State. She was said to be uploading on her Instagram story, then decided to plug her phone to charge while doing so, there could’ve been a leakage of current from her phone circuit which immediately got her electrocuted. She was rushed to the estate hospital but declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

Incidence of electrocution by mobile phones and handheld devices while charging have been rampant in recent times.

As a word of caution to our readers, please do not charge your phone and fiddle with it at the same time. When you charge your phone, allow it to charge, do not touch it.

Clarence Peters is an award winning photographer and cinematographer who has shot a lot of music videos for many artistes. He is the son of the legendary Shina Peters.

WONDERS! Humans In Shock As Cat Takes Her Baby To Hospital To Meet Doctors

A mother cat has surprised doctors and patients in a hospital in Bangladesh as she brings her baby cat to the hospital by mouth for doctors to examine.

The hospital which was filled with people brought in for Covid-19 testing and isolation was in awe to see that an animal would be intelligent enough to bring her young to a hospital for checkup.

Interestingly, doctors attended to the cat, handed her to the veterinarian on duty who examined it, then gave them some food and let them go.

Wonderful world isn’t it?

SAD! Twin Kids Born After 12years Of Marriage Kidnapped

A father of twin kids has cried out on his Facebook account seeking help over the kidnap of his twin son and daughter.

Mr Sheikh Akeugbagold disclosed that his babies where kidnapped at gun point at his Ojo residence in Ibadan the Oyo State capital at 8pm in the evening.

Reminiscing how they were born, Mr Akeugbagold said his wife was childless for 12years before giving birth to the kids, he begged that anyone with useful information should contact him as he desperately needs his children returned to him.

This is heartbreaking!