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Trump Defends Africa, Threatens WHO In Open Letter

The President of the United States has written an open letter to the World Health Organization under the leadership of Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus where he queries the relationship between the World Health Organization and China.

President Trump accused WHO of covering up for China when the Coronavirus outbreak was noticed in Wuhan. He said that China has not been transparent in information relating to the origin, transmission and seriousness of the virus in its early days, while the WHO was complacent in covering up such wicked mischief that has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

He further spoke against the maltreatment of Africans in China as the Chinese authorities forcefully arrested and quarantined Africans in an attempt to accuse them of being responsible for the virus.

Read the full letter below;

The President ended by issuing warnings to the organization that if they don’t retrace their steps and show genuine leadership in handling global health, he will permanently withdraw funding of the United States from the Organization and review US membership.

Trump has currently withdrawn US funding temporarily.

UPDATE: The Boy Beaten By His Father For $21k School Fees Has Graduated. See pictures

Guys, remember the viral story yesterday of a Zambian MTN executive who was filmed by his wife slapping his son for skipping Mathematics and English exams in a school he pays a whooping $21,000 (8million naira) per term?

Turned out the incident didn’t happen yesterday or few days ago. It happened in 2018, and the boy had long graduated from secondary school.

Our findings led us to the social media page of the boy and saw pictures of his graduation, and also pictures of him having a good time with his mum and dad.

Below are the pictures:

Boy with mum and dad and boy during his graduation
Boy with his dad and mum who made the viral video
A copy of the failure result and his dad’s response to the social media outrage

Looks like the family had settled their issues and moved on.

Congratulations to the young man on his graduation!

What were your thoughts on the incident? Share with us…

Mom Defeats Crocodile In a Serious Fight To Save Her Son’s Life

In a bizarre incident, a 30year old mother in Zimbabwe battled with a crocodile to rescue her 3year old son.

Gideon and mummy in the hospital

The woman, Maurina Musisinyana took her two children fishing in Runde River, but when they got to the river, she left them by the river bank to play while she took a boat to commence the fishing.

A few moments later she heard a scream from her son Gideon, she turned and saw him being dragged by a huge crocodile, immediately she returned back to shore, jumped on the crocodile and began wrestling with it. She quickly reached for its nose and used her fingers to block it from breathing, this choked the beast and it quickly released her son from its mouth.

Narrating the incident to doctors she said; “I pressed its nose hard, a tip I learnt from the elders long back. If you ­suffocate a crocodile from its nose, it loses its strength and that is exactly what I did. .

I used my other arm to free my baby’s head from its jaws.”

Gideon has made full recovery after 1week in the hospital, while the mom is still recovering as the crocodile had bitten her hand in the process.

People Are Smoking Grey Hair In Markudi, While Women Mix Maggi Inside Coke To Get High – Strange Revelations!

These are excepts of a discussion on Twitter where people reveal the weirdest mixtures crack heads are coming up with, just to get high.

A Twitter user @KoloKennethK first made a tweet of something he found out in Northern Nigeria. He said women are getting high with N20 Maggi dissolved in N100 coke.

The tweet triggered a lot more revelations as you’re about to see…

Someone explains in the tweet below how the mixture works to get people high and addicted.

Mr Keneth still revealed another combination that gets people high – Dried chicken droppings and pawpaw leaves. Mixed, wrapped and smoked.

Another person came up with a shocker, stating that in Makurdi, people smoke grey hair.

Here’s another one – Tom Tom dissolved in Lacasera. And then there is Maggi and malt.

Mind blowing revelations!

China No Longer Issuing Visa To Nigerians

The Chinese Government has announced that it is suspending the issuance of Visa to Nigerians as part of its plan to contain and defeat the deadly Coronavirus affecting its territory.

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian, made the announcement on Monday, stating that China is concerned about the health of foreign nationals visiting their country, hence the need to curb influx of people into the country.

“Life comes first. The Chinese Government is committed to safeguarding the lives and health of the Chinese people.

“We will, in a responsible manner, safeguard the life of every foreign national in China and address their legitimate concerns in a timely manner.

“We will continue to strengthen communication and coordination with the international community and work hand in hand for the epidemic prevention and control,” he said.

He made it known that a total of 60 Nigerians are living in Wuhan city where the virus first broke out, but no Nigerian in China has been infected yet so far.