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Shocking! Man Seals His Wife’s Genitals With Super lue To Prevent Her From Cheating

A 39-yr-old husband has been arrested font for sealing his wife’s private part with superglue.

The man who is from Kitui in Kenya acted on suspicion that his wife is adulterous and has plans of meeting other men once he’s out of town.

The man, Denis Mumo is not always at home due to the nature of his job has been having reports of his wife’s infidelity. Consequently, as he was about going on a trip to Rwanda, he sealed off his wife’s private part to prevent her from cheating on him.

The act caused his wife severe complications which she was rushed to the hospital for treatment and the man arrested.

In a statement to the police, Mumo agreed that he sealed her genitals because he saw her messages with four men whom she planned to meet once he’s away.

He also showed the police nude photos she sent to a man with the caption “Next week will be more fire”. The police says he will face charges of domestic violence, assault, damaging reproductive organs and attempt at her fertility.

However, Mr Mumo’s lawyer claims the evidence and photos the husband will present in court, will expose the woman for who she is and proof that he was justified for doing that to her. Also, the evidence will proof the woman deserves 100 lashes to prevent further “misunderstandings” between her and her husband.

How To Protect Yourself From Deadly Coronavirus

Workers at Incheon International Airport South Korea spray antiseptic solution at the arrival lobby to prevent against coronovirus. Photo credit: SUH MYUNG-GEON

Coronovirus is simply a group of viruses that cause diseases such as diarrhea in mammals, birds, cows, pigs and upper respiratory diseases in chicken. Transmitted to humans, the virus causes respiratory infections which are very deadly.

According to the World Health Organization, Coronaviruses are associated with common cold, pneumonia, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and also affect the gut.

The virus enter the body through nose and mouth, then finds a host cell in the respiratory system, this cell then burst and infects other cells. Photo credit:getbodysmart

Current Occurrence: The disease has been found in The USA, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, France, Australia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Philippines and the UK.

In China where it has recorded the highest cases, more than 1,975 people have been infected with about 54 dying from the virus.

Symptoms: Running nose, cough, sore throat, fever, high temperature.

Transmission: The virus is transmitted from animals to man and it’s first transmission is assumed to be from a snake at the South China seafood wholesale market in Wuhan, China.

The virus is transmitted through droplets of an infected person’s cough or sneeze and also when touching contaminated surfaces such as door handles, tables and hand shakes.

Prevention According To WHO:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Cover nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or flexed elbow.
  • Avoid close contact with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Thoroughly cook meat and eggs.
  • No unprotected contact with live or farm animals.

Degree of Fatality: The coronavirus is so deadly that patients may die within two weeks of contacting the virus. A single carrier of the virus who travelled from the Middle East to South Korea infected 186 people and caused 38 deaths.

Currently there is no cure nor vaccine for the virus. Efforts are being made in China, United States and some other countries to create cure for it.

Difference Between a Coronavirus And a Normal Flu Virus:

Although Coronaviruses and flu viruses cause similar symptoms, they are genetically very different.

Professor Neil Ferguson, a disease outbreak scientist at Imperial College London explains the difference, “Flu viruses incubate very rapidly – you tend to get symptoms two to three days after being infected, but coronaviruses take much longer…

flu virus you become immune but there are lots of different viruses circulating. Coronaviruses don’t evolve in the same way as flu with lots of different strains, but equally our body doesn’t generate very good immunity.” he added.

Similar Deadly Viruses In Time Past:

  1. The 1918 Spanish flu or H1N1 virus that killed an estimated 50-100million people.
  2. Asian flu of 1957 that killed about 2million humans.
  3. Hong Kong flu of 1968 with a casualty of 1million people.
  4. The 2009 Swine flu caused by the same H1N1 virus killed about 575,000 people.

cover photo: shutterstock

He Impregnated Us At The Same Time – Twin Sisters Who Married The Same Man Tell Their Story

Two South African twin sisters who are bound in matrimony to the same man tell their love and marriage story.

The sisters who are known for their very close relationship with each other said that people always told them they would marry the same man. And it came to pass.

They admitted that they love their husband so much and wouldn’t have been happy if they married different men.

The twin with their husband.

“He impregnated us at the same time”.!!!!

“We grew up doing everything together and we were never separated… Some people even told us we would marry the same man and this ended up happening. While some people find this strange, we love and enjoy every minute of it,” they said..

“Our husband was our mentor at the time but he fell in love with us. We got married in 2012 and started living together. We got pregnant at the same time,”.“We would not have wanted another life. We grew up not wanting anything or anyone to separate us. If we had different husbands, we would not be happy.”.!!!!

Sweet Love Affair Between Nigerian Man From Edo State And Ugandan Woman Living With AIDS Goes Sour

This is the story of Tatelicious Karigambe Ugandan transgender woman living with AIDS and Kelvin Ehigie, her Nigerian boyfriend from Edo State.

The couple live in Sweden and started dating around December 2018 after they met on a dating site. Their relationship has been very public on social media as the woman is a dancer and public speaker, they are known for making videos of the couple making out and have once had s!x on live video on Facebook.

However, things have gone sour as the woman recently discovered that Kelvin didn’t really love her but wanted to use her to gain Swedish papers. She claims to have spent more than N3million on Kevin because he told her his mum is very sick.

She narrates:

Kelvin and I are no longer together. I have ended it today and I have sent him packing BY FORCE.

Just did my research and Kelvin was not in love with me,he wanted to use me to marry him because he didn’t have Swedish papers.

He lied to me that he had Swedish permanent residency but I had a feeling of wanting to go through his things when he was bathing and I found out that he had an expired LMA card where by he was told to go back to Italy because he have a Dublin Case.

I have attached the picture here .He was suppose to leave Sweden on the 31st of October 2019 going back to Italy.

I have also attached the picture of the lady from Uganda called Goolyx who lives in Stockholm who he played and she said its ok for me to post her picture.

I came to my senses when a Ugandan woman called Goolyx in Stockholm reached to me.

This woman stayed with Kelvin for 3 weeks and Kelvin played the love card on her and ended up stealing an ipad for the lady and running away.

So the woman told me to be just careful because Kelvin doesn’t love me but he’s after something .

He was given 3 months to leave Sweden by the immigration so he had decided to use me as his next target to fool and use to get papers.

He never stole from me but he just fooled me using the love card.

I will do a live video when I have healed so that the other lady from Uganda who was played by Kelvin can join me and tell you herself.

Ladies and Gentlemen if you see Kelvin run away because he’s very convincing.

I spend almost 10 000 US dollars on him in 2 months we where together telling me that he was building a house for his family and said his mother is disabled and she need special medication .

I did this out of love but little did I know that it was just a 419. But that will not stop me looking for love and I will continue searching for a loving Nigerian man because I still believe that there is an honest Nigerian man who is ready to love me the way I am.

Kind Regard

Queen 👑 Tatelicious

The couple when the young was good

Kelvin on his part has accused her of raping him and sleeping with him without informing him she was HIV positive.

Woman Sells Her Cheating Husband For N6,000 To Buy Year Clothes For Her Children

A woman from Kenya Edna Mukwana has done one of the funniest things in recent times as she sold her husband for Ksh 1700 – which is equivalent to N6,000 – to buy new year clothes for her children.

The woman from Kakamega district of Kenya, said she did what she did because her husband refused to return home seven days after she confronted him with another woman in their matrimonial bed, so she decided to sell him to the woman.

She said thus:

“My husband is married to alcohol and whoring around. I told the woman who has been misleading him to send me Ksh 2000 but she sent me Ksh 1700 instead. I have used all the money to buy new year clothes for my children”

When asked if she will change her mind and welcome her husband again Edna said; “I can’t. I don’t want to get into the new year with the 2019 nuisance”