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JUST IN: Nigerian Doctor Finds Cure For Covid-19, Sends To NCDC For Testing

A Nigerian doctor from Yobe State with the name Dr. Jawa has just released a treatment he believes can cure the deadly Coronavirus.

The doctor has notified and presented his medication to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control NCDC, the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 and the Governor of Yobe State. The drug, which is yet to be proven have been taken in for clinical test and assessments.

Dr. Jawa has Masters Degree from WFAS Institute Beijing. He also has a PhD in Holistic Medicine (African traditional Medical Science) from University of Kolkata.

Dr. Jawa has 40 years experience in the field of traditional medicine and has produced many medicines.

Dr. Jawa pedigree includes being the Executive Secretary of Yobe Traditional Medicine Board and National President of African Traditional Medicine Practioners. He has a school that awards diploma in African and Chinese Traditional Medicine, duly certified by Federal Ministry of Health.

Covid-19: Don’t Buy Peeled Groundnut To Avoid Coronavirus. Here’s why

Groundnuts are a delight to most people, they have come to be very useful in curing hunger, as a snack for some or as a whole course meal for others.

However, in this time of deadly and highly contagious Coronavirus, one has to be very careful about what goes into their mouths as the slightest carelessness can be deadly. The way we consume food, has changed. Peeled groundnuts as we use to buy off the shelf or by the roadside is not advisable to consume any longer.

Here’s why;

When preparing peeled groundnuts, the person making it has to blow away the chaff after peeling, during this process, tiny droplets are released from the person’s mouth as air is released, some of these droplets end up on the body of groundnut to be consumed.

Hence, if the person preparing the groundnut is infected with the Covid-19, he/she has automatically left the virus on the body of groundnut, which when consumed, the virus moves into the body of the consumer.

Consequently, as advised by legendary entertainer Rugged man, it is more advisable to buy unpeeled groundnuts/peanuts and peel yourself, than buy the already peeled ones.

Let’s continue to wash our hands, practice social distancing and stay away from anything or foods prepared in a manner that can put us in harms way.

Ondo Marijuana Is The Best In The World, We Should Legalize It – Ondo Governor Tells Buhari

The Executive Governor of Ondo State, Sir Akeredolu, paid a visit to President Buhari today at the Presidential villa.

Among the things he went to tell the President was to lobby the President to accept the legalisation of Marijuana in Ondo State as he says will bring alot of health benefits to the people.

The words of the Governor, “It’s not because I take it; I take CBD, that’s the oil, for medical purposes. .

I am convinced about the use to which we can put marijuana. I know of the fact because we had to bring in experts, who have gone round and believe that the strain of marijuana that we grow in Ogbese in Ondo State is the best in the world. .

So, if you have that then a government must find a way to put it into good use. Our own is that the pathway to growing marijuana for medical reasons, not for anybody to smoke.”

Could the Governor be right?

Undercover Reporter Expose Customs Officers Helping Rice Smugglers In Ogun State

An undercover reporter who likes to remain anonymous have exposed the activities of some bad eggs in the Nigerian Customs Service who help smugglers bring in banned items like rice and turkey into the country even though these items have been banned from entering through the land borders.

The reporter covered the area around Seme and Idiroko borders. A place called Totowu in Ogun State sharing a boundary with Lagos, is where the smugglers move heavy smuggled items everyday, with their peak day being Thursday.

As the investigation showed, the Custom officers might have an arrangement with the smugglers to move the products mostly on Thursdays.

Some pictures taken from the area;

Vehicles parked beside the river bank waiting to offload contraband into canoes heading to iyanaiba
Smuggled rice being transported along the Agbara axis on bikes

Credits: @Chiefojukwu.

Miyetti Allah Orders All Herdsmen To Stop Moving With Cattle At Night

Spokesman of the association speaking to newsmen after the meeting.

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breaders Association (MACBAN) have today at their annual General meeting in Yobe State issued a directive to all herders in Nigeria to end grazing cattle at night.

The association, which had as one of it’s agenda, the conflict between farmers and herders in the country reached the unanimous decision that could help cut down substantially the ugly conflicts between farmers and herders in Nigeria.

Some of the directives as reported by the association are:

1. No herder should graze their Cattle at night.

2. Children are no longer permitted to graze cattle.

3. Women should no longer hawk milk.

A child herder.

Spokesman of the association, while responding to newsmen said that most conflicts between herders and with take place at night because cattle and their herders cannot differentiate between farmlands and grazing areas due to darkness, hence they destroy farms. He also said that children are no longer permitted to herd cattle as they are not knowledgeable enough to control cattle to graze only on safe grounds.

The association says strict punishments will be given to any herder who flouts the order.