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Video: Woman Caught Using Bible As Facemask

In what can be termed as a shocking video, a woman was seen at a store using the Bible as facemask to cover against the Covid-19 virus. She picked up an entire Bible, made holes in the pages and made a rope to hold it to her face.

Watch below:

While facemask of different types have been approved for use, ranging from medical mask to Ankara mask, there is no approval for the use of books or Bible for such purposes.

Whatever her reasons her, whether it’s the idea that the Bible can grant her better protection than any piece of clothing, the Christian woman needs to learn where to draw the line between religious fanaticism and wisdom that is profitable to direct.

I’m Coming To Lagos On Monday To Heal All Covid-19 Patients, If They Don’t Receive Healing, FG Should Kill Me – Calabar Pastor Vows

Popular Calabar based Pastor, Dr Val. Aloysius A.K.A, My Father My Father has asked the FG to gather all COVID-19 patients on Monday in Lagos for him to heal them. He said if they aren’t healed after his prayers, he should be condemned to death by hanging.

Above is the post made by the pastor on his Facebook page making the claims.

It has been noted that since the outbreak of the Covid-19, many Nigerians have been calling on the miracle pastors to proof themselves by healing Coronavirus patients, since this one has offered himself up, we like to see him given a chance.

Christians Must Not Be Marlians – Adeboye

First son of Pastor Enoch Adeboye, Leke Adeboye has given a strong opinion on the Marlian family in Nigeria.

He said that there is no relationship between the weed and the seed because one cannot be a Christian and a Marlian at the same time.

This has caused some controversies especially among young people as some have clapped for the statement saying he is right while others criticism the clergyman.

So to you our reader we ask, is he right or wrong? Drop comments below.

After 6 Days of Prayer, Pastor Discovers Teddy Bear Is The Demon Of A Family

A young woman identified as ayabaoflagos has cried out over the treatment meted on her precious teddy bear by her Pastor and parents.

She explained that for the past 6days her pastor has been visiting their home to hold a prayer session for the family, and during one of those visits he walked into her room and after praying, accused her teddy of being the demon that has been wrecking havocin their household, advising that it be destroyed.

As soon as that happened, her mother picked up the teddy and burnt it to ashes.

She is wondering how a lifeless teddy bear can cause harm in the house.

If You Bleach You Are Smelling – Apostle Suleman Gives 4 Reasons Why You Must Stop Bleaching

Apostle Suleman has blown hot on Nigerians who bleach their skin to become light skinned.

The preacher called them weyrey during a sermon in his church where he spent a considerable amount of time berating people who bleach.

He said:

Can I give you a counsel as a boy or girl? Don’t bleach. Bleaching has no end, anything that moves from the original has no end. Once you move from your original color, you have no end.

“There are four disadvantages of bleaching: When you bleach, you start smelling, your skin will smell very soon because you’re taking off the original layer. When you bleach, some part of your body reacts, your knuckles react, they refuse to cooperate with you because you’re a fraudster…and you’ll start looking like a map. Bleaching opens you to cancer….”

He also castigated the men who bleach saying that while their mates are fans of Arsenal and Manchester United, they are fans of cream.

This one will sure hit a lot of nerves.