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Christian or Muslim, We Are All Children Of Abraham – Buhari Says As He Vows To Rescue Leah Sharibu

President Muhammadu Buhari has once again made a vow to end insurgency and terrorism in Nigeria as well as rescue Leah Sharibu, the only remaining Dapchi girl who was kidnapped alongside 110 others 2years ago.

Leah Sharibu as reported, was a Christian girl who refused to compromise her faith and convert to Islam, thus the Boko Haram terrorists refused to release her alongside others.

President Buhari urged all Christians and Muslims in Nigeria to continue to seek peace and live as one, not allowing the terrorists to divide them as everyone, irrespective of religion is a child of Abraham.

His statement below;

“Two years ago, 110 innocent children from the town of Dapchi were taken, against their will, by the terrorists of Boko Haram. 107 survived the ordeal. Today all but one – Leah Sharibu – are returned to their families.

“Now aged 16, Leah remains in the hands of the terrorists – they say because she refuses to renounce her Christian faith.

“We say, as the government for and of all Nigerians, that no person has the right to force another to change their faith against their will and that all life is sacred.

“This government continues and seeks to secure the release of all children and captives of terrorists – and we do so regardless of their creed or the name of their creator.

“As we redouble our efforts for Leah’s return, we can never allow the terrorists to divide us – Christian against Muslim, Muslim against Christian. We are all Sons of Abraham. And all Nigerians have the same worth and rights before the law, and before God.

“Muhammadu Buhari,
President and Commander-in Chief,
Federal Republic of Nigeria,

I Slept With Virgins For Rituals To Succeed In Football – Ex-Super Eagles Goalkeeper Confesses

A former super eagles goal keeper Idah Peterside, has confessed how his quest for fame, money and success in football led him to rituals.

The former keeper who’s now a pastor said “It was so bad for me that I even went into demonic worship; I was involved in occultism and people didn’t know.

I did all that because I wanted money and fame which were not coming. My case was so bad that I used to have meetings with snakes. Mine was top class; it was crazy.

What actually took me to the next level in occultism was dependent on the number of women I slept with because my covenant was to initiate women.

I didn’t sleep with them for love or any relationship; my mission was just to initiate them and move on. Automatically, every women I slept with was initiated – no argument. .

I was basically looking out for and sleeping with virgins because it was a blood covenant. You know, blood is spilled when you disvirgin a girl. It was crazy.”

He said that he now prays for the girls whom he used for the rituals as some of them are now married while some he can’t remember them anymore

“I can’t really remember a number of them, but I know one who is now married, she lives in London with her husband – what I do now is pray for them, believing they would also encounter God,” he made known.

This confession is startling! No one really thought rituals were used in football until now.

Ex-member of MFM ‘Causes a Church War’ As She Reveals Why she Left The Church

A young lady on Twitter named Anita has sparked a lot of arguments over the operations of the Mountain of Fire Ministries.


The lady claims she was a member of the church but left because there was no day she didn’t carry chair to pursue her enemies, used shoes to beat her enemies or even prayed before eating her mother’s food because they were told of enemies from their mother’s households.

She describes her leaving the church as good decision because they almost paralyzed her from tapping her back during deliverance service.

Her comments didn’t go unnoticed by some members of the church who showed up to deny her claims and warn her to be careful of what she writes about the church.

Man Tells His Wife He’s Traveling To Borno State, Only To Be Seen In Warri Marrying A Second Wife

Awele Ejiofor a Facebook user, has reprimanded her friend Mr Tobe Onyekweli who just abandoned his wife of 9years to go marry another woman.

A photo of Mr Tobe and his first wife, with Awele in the middle.

Awele is a mutual friend of the couple, Mr Tobe and his wife. She has been friends with them for years and was involved from the beginning of their relationship until their marriage in August 2011. The union is blessed with 3 children.

However, as Awele recounts, Mr Tobe hasn’t been the best of husbands to his wife as he abused her several times in the past, gave her STDs due to his infidelity but she still endured with him. Yet, Mr Tobe went ahead to marry another woman in Warri after lying to his wife he’s traveling to Borno State.

Mr Tobe and the new wife while at their wedding ceremony in Warri

“You got up from your bed, kissed her goodbye, told a story about going back to Borno, while you went to Warri same day for your traditional marriage…” she said.

Frowning at the infidelity, Awele made her stance very clear that it is wrong for them as Christians from Anioma to engage in polygamy since they are neither Muslims nor Urhobos.

We are not Muslims!!!
We are not Urhobos!!!!
We are Christians and Ndi Anioma and this
It is all shades of wrong!!!! I am disappointed in you!!!!!!

You paid her back with STDs, ill treatment and Abuse!!!!
Yet she endured……

The universe will judge you, Toby Tboss Onyekweli.
Well before it does, happy married life……

Tobe’s new wife taking a selfie.

Owl Attacks Benue Governor Inside Church – Benue Man Reveals

The dead owl

Ukirve Stanley from Makurdi in Benue State, has made allegations on Facebook that an Owl that flew in while Governor Samuel Ortom was giving a speech on the pulpit of one of the pentecostal churches in Nigeria was sent by the APC to destroy the Governor.

Mr Stanley who pronounced the Owl ‘Satanic’, said that the owl flew in heading straight to the Governor but bowed when it got close to him, then got captured and killed.

Governor Ortom

His words below;

“APC Satanic Agent, killed in the presence of God.

It happened few minutes ago while the Governor was on his kneels praying at the Redeem Christian Church Makurdi. An Owl flew in and headed right towards the direction of the Governor, on Sighting the Governor the owl bowed before him and together we rushed and killed it.

Whatever it was they planned against the Governor, the Holy Spirit brought it to a halt. Indeed Governor Ortom is not just a man of God but a powerful man of God. Jime and Benue APC, here too you failed.

Congratulations the People’s Governor.”

Mr Stanley