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EFCC Official Gives Shocking Revelation Of What US Government Said About Abacha Loot

Mr Olukayode

The Federal Government of Nigeria has just taken possession of $308million of another Abacha loot that was stashed in the United States of America.

Since the death of former Nigerian Head of State and military dictator, General Sani Abacha, the Nigerian Government has received monies from overseas in excess of $5b allegedly stolen and stored up by the Head of State.

Officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC were involved in the latest retrieval from the USA and one of it’s senior officials Mr Olukayode gave a recount of what those from the American side told him:

“Two weeks ago, I was privileged to be on the team that went to recover $308million for Nigeria. They are from Washington.

“You know what the Oyinbos told us when we wanted to sign the treaty? They had the audacity to look into our eyes and said: ‘If you people steal this money again, we will collect it back from you.

“I stood up against them, I said: ‘We are not a corrupt nation. A few people might have stolen money, but Nigeria is not a corrupt nation.

“And you know it is not their fault, (they said that) because they have seen recovered loot being looted again.”

Mr Olukayode is the EFCC Secretary.

Graphic Image: Girl Cuts Another Girl’s Face For Snatching Her Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day


The graphic image above is the picture of a teenage girls identified as Ayishat, who was seriously attacked with a blade on Valentine’s Day by a group of girls led by her boyfriend’s ex.

The ex who led the attack is Isiwat. She accused the victim of snatching her boyfriend, so she arranged with her friends to ambush the young girl and disfigure her with a blade.

Valentine’s day turned sour for Ayishat who after the attack was rushed by kind hearted Nigerians to the White House hospital, Boundary Road, Ajegunle, Lagos, where she was stabilized and later transferred to the General hospital.

As at the time of this report, Isiwat’s friends have been arrested while investigation to trail Isiwat is still ongoing.

Such wickedness!

Terrorism – Army Intercepts 4653 Rounds Of Bullets Hidden Inside Rice Bag

The Nigerian Army has intercepted 4,653 rounds of bullets disguised as rice, in Zamfara State.

The incident occurred at about 10a.m on Wednesday, when troops deployed at lMoriki, Zamfara State, received a tip-off on the movement of ammunition and mounted an emergency stop and search checkpoint.

Shortly after, a motor bike arrived carrying a ‘bag of rice.’ The bike man, however, refused to stop for routine checks and the troop had to give a hot chase.

They got the bike impounded while the rider escaped. They later discovered that the bag contained about 4653 rounds of 7.62mm (special).

Nigerian Man Shoots Another Nigerian Man For Urinating In His Area

Rasheed O.J Olabode the victim is a 27 year old Nigerian photographer who just immigrated to the US, and Christopher Poole, the killer is a 26 year old Nigerian who has been in the US much longer. Both men live in Newark.

The incident occurred on April 26, 2018 at around 10.45am.

Olabode was out running errands with his friends, then he had need for a restroom, since none was around, he went out of the car on the 700 block of South 20th Street and began urinating behind the vehicle.

Next, the assailant Poole, who lives on the block, was angered by the sight of Olabode urinating, walked into his house across the street and picked a gun.

Surveillance footage showed as he walked over to Olabode with the gun and pointed at him, Olabode pleaded with him not to shoot, but he went ahead and shot him in the chest while his friends watched from the car a distance away.

Poole walked away immediately he shot him, then Olabode ran to the car, and his friends flagged down a police officer and called an amblance. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Poole has just been sentenced to life in prison.

Undercover Reporter Expose Customs Officers Helping Rice Smugglers In Ogun State

An undercover reporter who likes to remain anonymous have exposed the activities of some bad eggs in the Nigerian Customs Service who help smugglers bring in banned items like rice and turkey into the country even though these items have been banned from entering through the land borders.

The reporter covered the area around Seme and Idiroko borders. A place called Totowu in Ogun State sharing a boundary with Lagos, is where the smugglers move heavy smuggled items everyday, with their peak day being Thursday.

As the investigation showed, the Custom officers might have an arrangement with the smugglers to move the products mostly on Thursdays.

Some pictures taken from the area;

Vehicles parked beside the river bank waiting to offload contraband into canoes heading to iyanaiba
Smuggled rice being transported along the Agbara axis on bikes

Credits: @Chiefojukwu.