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UPDATE: The Boy Beaten By His Father For $21k School Fees Has Graduated. See pictures

Guys, remember the viral story yesterday of a Zambian MTN executive who was filmed by his wife slapping his son for skipping Mathematics and English exams in a school he pays a whooping $21,000 (8million naira) per term?

Turned out the incident didn’t happen yesterday or few days ago. It happened in 2018, and the boy had long graduated from secondary school.

Our findings led us to the social media page of the boy and saw pictures of his graduation, and also pictures of him having a good time with his mum and dad.

Below are the pictures:

Boy with mum and dad and boy during his graduation
Boy with his dad and mum who made the viral video
A copy of the failure result and his dad’s response to the social media outrage

Looks like the family had settled their issues and moved on.

Congratulations to the young man on his graduation!

What were your thoughts on the incident? Share with us…

Meet 15-year-old Nigerian Girl With PhD Planning To Open A Bank

“I want to (finish the course) in two years. I want to have a bank by the time I’m 15 because I like numbers and I like people and banking is a great way to help people.”

Those are not usual words you hear from a 15-year-old. But those right there were said by young Esther Okade, a 15-year-old British-Nigerian Genius with a PhD in Financial Mathematics. Yes Mathematics!

Esther’s story came to light last year when she was interviewed by CNN.

Esther lives with her parents in Walsall, UK, and like every other child, was a normal kid at birth and while growing up loved to play with her dolls and dress them up.

However, at some point in her growing years, her parents noticed her exceptional love for number and mathematics, this prompted her mother Omonefe Okade, who is a mathematics teacher to home school her. So Esther, did not attend normal school like other kids.

When she was 6years old, Esther took up her first challenge, writing a math GCSE, an exam usually taken by 14 -16-year-olds in the UK and she passed.

She moved into the university immediately and always came top of her class as an undergraduate. By the time she was 10, Esther enrolled in the Open University in UK and at 15, got her PhD in Financial Mathematics.

Ovation please!

The black excellence has written a book series titled Yummy Yummy Algebra. Young Esther plans to own a bank at 15.

The entire team, celebrate her.

Community Gives NYSC Member 80 Tubers Of Yam For Building a Borehole

Pila community in Benue State is vibing with celebration as a female Corp member builds the first public borehole for them.

The Corp member Iyanuoluwa Moyinoluwa, was herself filled with gratitude to the community for the warm reception they gave her throughout her stay and also the 80 tubers of yam they donated to her.

Telling her story, the corp member said that her mother didn’t want her to serve in the community, owing to security concerns. But she decided to stay. On how she came about the project, she said she noticed they had no water source so she spoke to the community leaders and they donated a parcel of land for the project, while the youths came out in their numbers to serve as labour in building the borehole free of charge.

Iyanu and the NYSC State coordinator drinking from the borehole during the commissioning

The community showing appreciation for the borehole

The community members are so elated they came out individually to donate tubers of yam to the Corp member. In total, they donated 80 tubers.

Quite commendable! The Corp member’s gesture should be emulated. And the oneness and appreciation of the community should be emulated by other communities in the country.

Nigeria can be better with people like this.

What A Secondary School Girl Plans To Do With Her Life After WAEC

A secondary school girl has established new rules for fellow young girls her age.

She declared on Facebook that she wants to get married as soon as she’s done with WAEC and have at least 5 children for her husband before heading to the University.

The young lady Ekaette Okon asked that girls should follow her lead because that is the right thing to do.

Youthful exuberance on display, or what do you think?

Breaking! Little Girl Seen Reading With ATM Lights Has Been Found.

The little girl who was photographed using the lights from an ATM gallery to study has been found.

Her name is Dele. She is a pupil of Hope of Academy School, Ondo State.

She was found after First City Monument Bank made an appeal that they are looking for her to reward her for her determination. The bank wrote; ”We are inspired by Dele’s determination to study. It’s great our ATM Gallery could light her books for the evening, but we would love to do more to support. Can you please help us find Dele? Please RT until it gets to someone who knows her.”

Dele at the ATM Gallery where she went to study

It’s good news that she has been found. Her determination deserves to be rewarded.