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Boss Gives Female Staff A Brand New iPhone11 For Being So Good At Her Job

A young Nigerian staff of a certain company has raised a lot of eyebrows on social media as she announces that her CEO gifted her a brand new iPhone11 for being so good at her job.

The elated young woman was filled with so much that she cried after receiving the gift.

It’s not very common to find bosses who appreciate their staff with N650,000 worth of gift for being good at their job, so this is really rare and strange to the Nigerian public.

The iPhone receiver Pepee

Two Brothers From Ekiti Build Armoured Car To Protect Their Father.

Two Nigerian brothers from Ekiti have shown great technological capabilities in building armored vehicles that can withstand gunshots and some military weapons.

The brothers and their father.

These brothers say they built this vehicles to secure their father and when they begin to produce the vehicles in large quantities, they sell to the Nigerian Police.

Nigerians have called on the government and other wealthy citizens to invest in this and help the brothers scale their production.

Commendable isn’t it?

Photos! Nigerian Man Who Builds ‘Ferrari’ From Scratch

A Nigerian engineer from Jos, Plateau State called, is designing and building these fast supercars from scratch.

The young man called Jerry Mallo was able to get support of The Federal Government & Plateau State Government through NEC, where he received some millions of Naira in capital, in 2018, and a plot of land to build this car factory.

Jerry’s workshop
His finished products modeled after the Ferrari.

My Husband Now Wears Two Wrist Watches – Gov El-rufai’s Wife Says

Mrs Hadiza Isma El-Rufai

The first lady of Kaduna State Mrs Hadiza Isma El Rufai has taken to Twitter to make a sensational tweet about her husband Mallam Nasir El-rufai.

She described her husband as one who moved from being an accidental public servant to an eccentric public servant who now wears two wrist watches and carries two phones.

Mrs El-rufai is a writer and a jovial character on Twitter who takes pleasure in dropping sarcasm to the thrill of her followers.