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Federal Government Offers 36million Naira To Whoever Finds a Cure For Lassa Fever & Coronavirus

The Federal Ministry of Science & Technology have announced a 36million naira price for any scientist who discovers the cure to coronovirus and lassa fever.

The Minister, Dr Ogbonnaya Onu made this challenge to Nigerian inventors, innovators and scientists stating that he is very confident Nigerian scientists have what it takes to find a solution to these problems.

Lassa fever which is contacted from rats is slowly penetrating Nigeria and taking lives in some states as they are yet to find a vaccine capable of ending the epidemic.

While Coronavirus which began in Wuhan region of China has already claimed thousands of lives around China and some parts of the world. The disease is highly contagious and a cure is yet to be found for it. WHO has declared it a world epidemic.

Tekno Announces His Victory Over Dirty Smoking Habit

Nigerian fine boy artist Tekno has announced his victory over his smoking habit. He wrote on his Twitter handle “Congrats to me, finally conquered this dirty smoking habit.”

Tekno who is a known chronic smoker has been trying to break the habit for some time now. The singer has also been diagnosed of throat cancer which has affected his music career as he was unable to give his fans good music as he used to.

The young handsome singer has been in and out of hospital in the past year. Given his condition, it was important for him to put an end to smoking as it prevents great danger to his health.

Congrats Tekno for winning this battle!

We anticipate more hits from you.

Ondo Marijuana Is The Best In The World, We Should Legalize It – Ondo Governor Tells Buhari

The Executive Governor of Ondo State, Sir Akeredolu, paid a visit to President Buhari today at the Presidential villa.

Among the things he went to tell the President was to lobby the President to accept the legalisation of Marijuana in Ondo State as he says will bring alot of health benefits to the people.

The words of the Governor, “It’s not because I take it; I take CBD, that’s the oil, for medical purposes. .

I am convinced about the use to which we can put marijuana. I know of the fact because we had to bring in experts, who have gone round and believe that the strain of marijuana that we grow in Ogbese in Ondo State is the best in the world. .

So, if you have that then a government must find a way to put it into good use. Our own is that the pathway to growing marijuana for medical reasons, not for anybody to smoke.”

Could the Governor be right?

China No Longer Issuing Visa To Nigerians

The Chinese Government has announced that it is suspending the issuance of Visa to Nigerians as part of its plan to contain and defeat the deadly Coronavirus affecting its territory.

The Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Nigeria, Zhou Pingjian, made the announcement on Monday, stating that China is concerned about the health of foreign nationals visiting their country, hence the need to curb influx of people into the country.

“Life comes first. The Chinese Government is committed to safeguarding the lives and health of the Chinese people.

“We will, in a responsible manner, safeguard the life of every foreign national in China and address their legitimate concerns in a timely manner.

“We will continue to strengthen communication and coordination with the international community and work hand in hand for the epidemic prevention and control,” he said.

He made it known that a total of 60 Nigerians are living in Wuhan city where the virus first broke out, but no Nigerian in China has been infected yet so far.

Shocking! Man Seals His Wife’s Genitals With Super lue To Prevent Her From Cheating

A 39-yr-old husband has been arrested font for sealing his wife’s private part with superglue.

The man who is from Kitui in Kenya acted on suspicion that his wife is adulterous and has plans of meeting other men once he’s out of town.

The man, Denis Mumo is not always at home due to the nature of his job has been having reports of his wife’s infidelity. Consequently, as he was about going on a trip to Rwanda, he sealed off his wife’s private part to prevent her from cheating on him.

The act caused his wife severe complications which she was rushed to the hospital for treatment and the man arrested.

In a statement to the police, Mumo agreed that he sealed her genitals because he saw her messages with four men whom she planned to meet once he’s away.

He also showed the police nude photos she sent to a man with the caption “Next week will be more fire”. The police says he will face charges of domestic violence, assault, damaging reproductive organs and attempt at her fertility.

However, Mr Mumo’s lawyer claims the evidence and photos the husband will present in court, will expose the woman for who she is and proof that he was justified for doing that to her. Also, the evidence will proof the woman deserves 100 lashes to prevent further “misunderstandings” between her and her husband.