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Trump Defends Africa, Threatens WHO In Open Letter

The President of the United States has written an open letter to the World Health Organization under the leadership of Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus where he queries the relationship between the World Health Organization and China.

President Trump accused WHO of covering up for China when the Coronavirus outbreak was noticed in Wuhan. He said that China has not been transparent in information relating to the origin, transmission and seriousness of the virus in its early days, while the WHO was complacent in covering up such wicked mischief that has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

He further spoke against the maltreatment of Africans in China as the Chinese authorities forcefully arrested and quarantined Africans in an attempt to accuse them of being responsible for the virus.

Read the full letter below;

The President ended by issuing warnings to the organization that if they don’t retrace their steps and show genuine leadership in handling global health, he will permanently withdraw funding of the United States from the Organization and review US membership.

Trump has currently withdrawn US funding temporarily.

Video: What Is The Difference Between Covid-19 & Malaria? – AIT Owner Ask As He Recovers From Coronavirus

Chairman of Daar Communications Chief Raymond Dokpesi has granted an interview to the press soon after being released from Federal medical center Abuja, after testing negative to Coronavirus.

The AIT owner had undergone treatments for covid-19 alongside seven members of his family who all contracted the virus more than a week ago.

In the mind boggling interview, the AIT boss stated that from his observations, there is no difference between the Coronavirus and malaria. He mentioned that all the medicines he was given were drugs used to treat the malaria parasite.

He added that some people who tested positive to the virus went to several reputable hospitals in Abuja and conducted malaria test, and discovered that they had a lot of malaria in their system.

The High Chief also commended the professionalism of the Nigerian doctors who treated him noting that they are among the best in the world.

Watch video below:

He concluded by questioning the difference between the Coronavirus and malaria.

Video: Woman Caught Using Bible As Facemask

In what can be termed as a shocking video, a woman was seen at a store using the Bible as facemask to cover against the Covid-19 virus. She picked up an entire Bible, made holes in the pages and made a rope to hold it to her face.

Watch below:

While facemask of different types have been approved for use, ranging from medical mask to Ankara mask, there is no approval for the use of books or Bible for such purposes.

Whatever her reasons her, whether it’s the idea that the Bible can grant her better protection than any piece of clothing, the Christian woman needs to learn where to draw the line between religious fanaticism and wisdom that is profitable to direct.

JUST IN: Nigerian Doctor Finds Cure For Covid-19, Sends To NCDC For Testing

A Nigerian doctor from Yobe State with the name Dr. Jawa has just released a treatment he believes can cure the deadly Coronavirus.

The doctor has notified and presented his medication to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control NCDC, the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 and the Governor of Yobe State. The drug, which is yet to be proven have been taken in for clinical test and assessments.

Dr. Jawa has Masters Degree from WFAS Institute Beijing. He also has a PhD in Holistic Medicine (African traditional Medical Science) from University of Kolkata.

Dr. Jawa has 40 years experience in the field of traditional medicine and has produced many medicines.

Dr. Jawa pedigree includes being the Executive Secretary of Yobe Traditional Medicine Board and National President of African Traditional Medicine Practioners. He has a school that awards diploma in African and Chinese Traditional Medicine, duly certified by Federal Ministry of Health.

BREAKING! Buhari Begins Move To Restructure Nigeria

President Buhari has started the journey on the most talked about and most desired political process in the recent history of Nigeria – Restructuring.

Restructuring Nigeria basically involves unbundling the powers of the Federal Government and empowering the Federating units of States and Local Governments to be able to tap from their resources to earn their money and control their security while contributing a portion of their proceeds to the Federal Government.

In 2011, the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan organized a National Conference where elder statesmen from all parts of the country converged in Abuja to discuss and agree on a new template of governing the country based on restructuring. The report was concluded and submitted in 2012. It was known as the Oronsaye report. Ironically, the administration of Goodluck Jonathan who organized the conference failed to adopt its recommendations and restructure the country.

Following the global economic effect of the Covid-19 pandemic and the significant fall in global oil prices, the Nigerian Government realized it can no longer run on the present structure as the country is seriously cash trapped, the President set up an Economic recovery committee headed by the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo saddled with the responsibility of working Nigeria out of the looming global recession.

As one of the measures to curtail excessive Government spending, the President approved the implementation of the Oronsaye report that will lead to a cut down in the number of agencies and MDAs run by the Government and a merger of several duplicate agencies.

More details to come…