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WONDERS! Humans In Shock As Cat Takes Her Baby To Hospital To Meet Doctors

A mother cat has surprised doctors and patients in a hospital in Bangladesh as she brings her baby cat to the hospital by mouth for doctors to examine.

The hospital which was filled with people brought in for Covid-19 testing and isolation was in awe to see that an animal would be intelligent enough to bring her young to a hospital for checkup.

Interestingly, doctors attended to the cat, handed her to the veterinarian on duty who examined it, then gave them some food and let them go.

Wonderful world isn’t it?

PROBLEM: Daughter Invites NCDC To Arrest Her Mother For Attending Wedding

A young Nigerian lady is taking no chances with the Covid-19 virus as she called on the Nigerian Centre For Disease Control NCDC to arrest her mother for violating the social distancing and stay at home order by attending a wedding.

The lady @ruthyorea made the call earlier today on Twitter as she tweeted at the official NCDC handle asking the arrest her mom and shut down the wedding.

Few days, the Nigerian Governor’s forum agreed to a 2weeks total lockdown of interstate borders while some states are already on an internal lockdown.

The Coronavirus confirmed cases in Nigeria are not more than one thousand and counting. Little wonder the young lady is doing all she can to look after her mom.

Covid-19: Don’t Buy Peeled Groundnut To Avoid Coronavirus. Here’s why

Groundnuts are a delight to most people, they have come to be very useful in curing hunger, as a snack for some or as a whole course meal for others.

However, in this time of deadly and highly contagious Coronavirus, one has to be very careful about what goes into their mouths as the slightest carelessness can be deadly. The way we consume food, has changed. Peeled groundnuts as we use to buy off the shelf or by the roadside is not advisable to consume any longer.

Here’s why;

When preparing peeled groundnuts, the person making it has to blow away the chaff after peeling, during this process, tiny droplets are released from the person’s mouth as air is released, some of these droplets end up on the body of groundnut to be consumed.

Hence, if the person preparing the groundnut is infected with the Covid-19, he/she has automatically left the virus on the body of groundnut, which when consumed, the virus moves into the body of the consumer.

Consequently, as advised by legendary entertainer Rugged man, it is more advisable to buy unpeeled groundnuts/peanuts and peel yourself, than buy the already peeled ones.

Let’s continue to wash our hands, practice social distancing and stay away from anything or foods prepared in a manner that can put us in harms way.

Covid-19: Panic As Kemi Say Atiku’s Son Is In Very Critical Condition

Kemi Olunloyo, Nigeria’s most controversial journalists has spilled some unconfirmed news on the condition of Mohammed Atiku Abubakar, son of former Vice President Atiku Abubakar who tested positive to Coronavirus weeks ago.

Mr Mohammed was among the first confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the country and the first high ranking public figure to contact the virus. He was said to have contacted the virus while on foreign trips to Europe.

On his return, Mohammed Abubakar infected Bauchi Governor Bala Mohammed inside a plane in Nigeria. The Governor was treated and has since recovered and tested negative.

However, Mohammed Atiku Abubakar is still receiving treatment and Kemi says his condition is critical. Read her tweet below;

Calabar Pastor Ask FG To Allow Him Resurrect Abba Kyari

A Calabar based pastor Dr Goodheart Val Aloysius has ridiculed himself a second time on social media as he requests to be given access to Abba Kyari’s body so he can resurrect him.

The pastor who is known all over Calabar as My father My father is popular for carrying out questionable miracles and healing in his church.

He had previously called on FG a week away to allow him meet up with Covid-19 patients in Lagos to perform healing miracle on them.

He wrote:

Let the family of Chief of Staff to the president not be in a hurry to burry Abba Kyari let me be given a chance and in the name of Jesus christ of Nassaret Abba Kyari will live again!!!
I saw all this coming last week I lamented for a chance but was not given because a prophet has no honour in his own country…
Dr Good heart Val is my name a.k.a MY FATHER MY FATHER”.

Many Cross Riverians and Nigerians alike, commenting on his post, lambaste him saying he’s only seeking for cheap fame and popularity.