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You Don’t Have To Be Naked To Be Sexy – Stella Damascus Tells Women

Beautiful Nollywood actress Stella Damascus, has added some veteran voice to the rampant trend of going nude to feel sexy.

The actress who condemned the behavior, said that women can actually look sexy in a pair of jeans and sweat shirt.

Her words;

“I will say it again, you don’t have to be nude or vulgar in your appearance to be sexy. The way you carry yourself even in a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt can make heads turn. Your confidence can be sexy. Your smile can be sexy. Your voice can be sexy. Even your eyes alone can make you sexy. Don’t show it all or put everything out there to be sexy. You are enough my dear.”

Hopefully, when celebrities like Stella lend thrifty voice to issues like this, they will become the voice of reason to this generation.

Posting Designer Labels And Holidays On Social Media Is Poverty Mentality – Rita Dominic

Veteran Nollywood actress Rita Dominic has spilled some 21st century wisdom concerning the use of social media. She has criticized the new craze of social media being used as the yardstick for measuring wealth.

The actress describes as poverty mentality the idea that if you’re not posting designer labels and holidays on your social media, it automatically means you’re poor and not balling.

She proclaimed that true happiness should come on the basis that a person is alive and healthy.

Rita Dominic has largely been absent from the social life of the gram where many other Nollywood acts live for.

That’s some good advice there.

People Are Smoking Grey Hair In Markudi, While Women Mix Maggi Inside Coke To Get High – Strange Revelations!

These are excepts of a discussion on Twitter where people reveal the weirdest mixtures crack heads are coming up with, just to get high.

A Twitter user @KoloKennethK first made a tweet of something he found out in Northern Nigeria. He said women are getting high with N20 Maggi dissolved in N100 coke.

The tweet triggered a lot more revelations as you’re about to see…

Someone explains in the tweet below how the mixture works to get people high and addicted.

Mr Keneth still revealed another combination that gets people high – Dried chicken droppings and pawpaw leaves. Mixed, wrapped and smoked.

Another person came up with a shocker, stating that in Makurdi, people smoke grey hair.

Here’s another one – Tom Tom dissolved in Lacasera. And then there is Maggi and malt.

Mind blowing revelations!

SARS Forcefully Cut Off Man’s Dreads In Abia State And Give Him New Looks

Nigerian man cries for justice as he accuses SARS in Abia State of cutting off his father’s dreadlocks for no reason.

Divine Michael Jackson, who lives in Port Harcourt, shared a photo of his father’s hair before it was cut and another photo taken after his long natural locs had been scraped off.

He accused SARS operatives of being responsible and added that they seized the chopped off locks and asked his father to return on Tuesday to collect his hair.

“Am so sad we need justice to take place. we need human right please before they will kill my poor dad 4 me (sic),” Divine MJ wrote, adding, “Let justice take place even if we are poor.” he wrote

Parents Give Their Son Strange Punishment For Getting A Girl Pregnant

A young man was seen brandishing a poster on the road with the inscription, “I got a girl pregnant and this is my punishment. Courtesy, mum and dad.”

In what caused a stare in the city of Port Harcourt, the young man stood shamelessly holding the poster as passersby and motorist had several reactions to his situation.

Apparently, the young man has very strict and disciplinarian parents who would go to any length to teach their son a hard lesson for his misconducts.

This is really some punishment.