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Video: Watch As This Girlfriend Tatoo Her Boyfriend’s Name On Her Face

A weird video has surfaced online of a girlfriend who got a tatoo of her boyfriend’s name on her face on the 6th of June.

The tatoo which read “Ainjola my love” is definitely an extreme move from the girl to proof to her boyfriend the depth of love she has for the young man.

Video below:

Reactions have since trailed the release of the video as social media users are shocked that she would choose her face as the best spot to print such a tatoo. Whatever her reasons or if she did it in her right senses, we wish the lovebirds well.

Well, love is blind, they say.

PROBLEM: Daughter Invites NCDC To Arrest Her Mother For Attending Wedding

A young Nigerian lady is taking no chances with the Covid-19 virus as she called on the Nigerian Centre For Disease Control NCDC to arrest her mother for violating the social distancing and stay at home order by attending a wedding.

The lady @ruthyorea made the call earlier today on Twitter as she tweeted at the official NCDC handle asking the arrest her mom and shut down the wedding.

Few days, the Nigerian Governor’s forum agreed to a 2weeks total lockdown of interstate borders while some states are already on an internal lockdown.

The Coronavirus confirmed cases in Nigeria are not more than one thousand and counting. Little wonder the young lady is doing all she can to look after her mom.

Don’t Leave Your Wife When She Cheats On You, All Women Cheat, Just Pray And Fast That She Comes Back To Her Senses – Gospel Artist Tells Men

A gospel artist has given men the most unlikely advice on how to deal with cheating wives. In a world where society berates women for cheating, he is asking that husbands don’t divorce their wives when they cheat, but they should pray and fast.

Without much ado, read his advice below:

“Dear married men:

“If your wife is cheating, there is no need to take her to court, Umunna meeting or fight her. All those things always have a devastating effects on the parties involved. This is what you will do to stop a cheating wife from going astray.


“Listen, no woman married with the intention to cheat or for her marriage to fail. No one but temptations abound is everywhere. Handsome and vibrant younger men are sprouting up day by day and your wife gets to meet them everyday. If only you know the temptation that your beautiful wife have to fight everyday just to come home to you.

“Even of she’s a housewife, she doesn’t go out to work, do you know what she sees online or during school runs? Especially now that there is a new crave fro married women?

“So, my brother pray and fast.

“You can’t leave your wife because of cheating, that will be synonymous to leaving a country because rains, my brother, it rains everywhere so as the head of the house, you have to build your roof very strong so that even when it’s raining your home will not be affected.

“You have to take charge of your home and let your wife know that you’re capable.
Sit her down, pet her, ask her to table your incompetencies to you so you can make the necessary amendments. Ask yourself, what is she seeing outside that you’re lacking.

“Some of you let yourselves go immediately you got married. You start dressing anyhow, start leaving the toilet un-flushed, start sambisa forest in your armpits, nose, and other parts that supposed to be maintained in cleanness.

“You get drunk in alcohol and be smelling like Nigeria breweries anytime you entre the room. Is it fair?Most your wife cut off her nose before you know you have odour?
Let’s not even talk about the potbelly self for a wife to start cheating, that means you stopped doing all those things that made her fall in love with you.

“When last did you cook her favorite meal for her? When last did you massage her and gave her a good round idiplorplor? In case you don’t know, there are many matured cock’s out there who knows how to treat a hen, some of them are younger cock’s while some are married cock’s

“Like you so take good care of your hen before it’s too late because for a married woman to cheat, she has damned the consequences already..

“As the head of family, lift up your home in prayers.
Buy new clothes, boxers and singlets.

“Dress and smell nice.
Seduce her, pamper her
Don’t shout at all, just continue praying until she comes back to her senses…

“This is the Gospel of the love of marriage.

“My Name is OLIVE PRAISE and I wish you a blessed and successful marriages.”

Often times, this is what women are told to do when they have cheating husbands, so maybe, Mr Praise just flipped the script.

What do you think of this advice?

Graphic Image: Girl Cuts Another Girl’s Face For Snatching Her Boyfriend On Valentine’s Day


The graphic image above is the picture of a teenage girls identified as Ayishat, who was seriously attacked with a blade on Valentine’s Day by a group of girls led by her boyfriend’s ex.

The ex who led the attack is Isiwat. She accused the victim of snatching her boyfriend, so she arranged with her friends to ambush the young girl and disfigure her with a blade.

Valentine’s day turned sour for Ayishat who after the attack was rushed by kind hearted Nigerians to the White House hospital, Boundary Road, Ajegunle, Lagos, where she was stabilized and later transferred to the General hospital.

As at the time of this report, Isiwat’s friends have been arrested while investigation to trail Isiwat is still ongoing.

Such wickedness!

Parents Give Their Son Strange Punishment For Getting A Girl Pregnant

A young man was seen brandishing a poster on the road with the inscription, “I got a girl pregnant and this is my punishment. Courtesy, mum and dad.”

In what caused a stare in the city of Port Harcourt, the young man stood shamelessly holding the poster as passersby and motorist had several reactions to his situation.

Apparently, the young man has very strict and disciplinarian parents who would go to any length to teach their son a hard lesson for his misconducts.

This is really some punishment.