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Breaking! Nnamdi Kanu Apologises To Nigerian Government Ahead Of His Parents Funeral Today

Kanu with his parents before he escaped from Nigeria

Leader of the proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB, has sent an apology to the Nigerian Government, vis-a-vis the Nigerian Police and some top Government officials.

This apology is coming ahead of the funeral of his father and mother today Friday in Abia State.

This is why Nnamdi Kanu is apologising: Recall that in the last few weeks, his local community where his parents reside has witnessed a large presence of the Nigerian military forces, who are standing guard in preparation to the funeral ceremony of the leader’s parents.

The Nigerian Police had previously issued a statement warning against the participation of IPOB in the funeral proceedings, stating that if any member of IPOB is found at the program, they will be arrested and the funeral service disrupted.

Mr Kanu got infuriated on hearing the police statement and went on Biafran radio to threaten that if the police interferes in the funeral proceedings of his late parents, IPOB will attack the children of the Commissioner of Police in Abia State and also children of some top Government officials.

However, yesterday, in what can be seen as a shocking turnaround, Mr Kanu issued a written apology on this Twitter account where he regrets and retrieves his threats to the Government officials stating that he went too far to drag their kids into the matter.

Read his full statement below:

“This Friday, mourners in Biafra will come together to attend the funeral for my beloved parents, Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and Ugoeze Sally Nmenme Kanu.

“During this time of mourning, the Indigenous People of #Biafra are living in a constant state of fear.

‘The Abia State Commissioner of Police is threatening to disrupt the funeral and there continues to be a large military presence in the area, which has a history of inflicting violence against the IPOB.

“This has caused a range of emotions for me. I have now gone from an extreme sense of sadness after losing both of my parents, to an extreme sense of anger knowing that the mourners are in grave danger.

“In this time of immense grieving and anger, I made threats against the children of the Police Commissioner and other Nigerian officials on my radio program, Radio Biafra.

“This was wrong and I sincerely apologize. Children should always be off limits.

“It was my intention to bring global awareness to the threats and imminent danger the Government has placed on my family and community in hopes that shining a global spotlight on the actions of the Government will prevent them from inciting violence against my people.

“In doing so, I went too far.

“It is my great hope that the Indigenous People of Biafra can mourn in peace on Friday and can live in peace every single day forward.”

From all indications Mr Kanu will not be attending the funeral service of this parents.

Terrorism – Army Intercepts 4653 Rounds Of Bullets Hidden Inside Rice Bag

The Nigerian Army has intercepted 4,653 rounds of bullets disguised as rice, in Zamfara State.

The incident occurred at about 10a.m on Wednesday, when troops deployed at lMoriki, Zamfara State, received a tip-off on the movement of ammunition and mounted an emergency stop and search checkpoint.

Shortly after, a motor bike arrived carrying a ‘bag of rice.’ The bike man, however, refused to stop for routine checks and the troop had to give a hot chase.

They got the bike impounded while the rider escaped. They later discovered that the bag contained about 4653 rounds of 7.62mm (special).

President Buhari Reacts To The Killing Of CAN Chairman

President Muhammadu Buhari has given another condolence message over the killing of Lawan Andimi, the CAN Chairman in Adamawa State by wicked Boko Haram terrorists.

Late Reverend Lawan

Reverend Lawan was kidnapped by Boko Haram terrorists in December 2019 and held captive since then.

Weeks ago he was shown in a video where he pleaded for the Government, the Christian body and other organizations to come to his aid and negotiate for his release.

However, the evil terrorists asked for a ransom of 2million pounds but were offered 50million naira by the Christian Association and sadly, they went ahead to kill him defying the negotiations underway.

On account of his sad murder, President Buhari had this to say:

“The terrorist killing of Lawan Andimi, chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Michika, Adamawa State is cruel, inhuman and deliberately provocative. My deepest condolences to his family, the Christian community across Nigeria, and the Govt & people of Adamawa.

I am greatly saddened by the fact that the terrorists went on to kill him even while giving signals of a willingness to set him free by releasing him to third parties. This barbarism is condemnable. We will ensure that these terrorists pay a heavy price for their evil actions.

This incident has further strengthened our resolve as a Government, and the resolve of our gallant Armed Forces, to comprehensively defeat all terrorist groups sowing death, violence and destruction in our country and across West Africa.”

Faces Of The Four Student Priests Kidnapped In Kaduna Revealed

Faces of the four seminarians

Heavily armed kidnappers attacked the Good Shepherd Catholic Seminary in Kaduna on Thursday the 9th of January, 2020. The kidnappers who were heavily armed carried out the operation disguised as soldiers.

The kidnappers broke through the fence of the seminary quarters in the early hours of that Thursday and successfully took away four first year students of Philosophy namely; Pius Kanwai (19), Peter Umenukor (23), Stephen Amos (23) and Michael Nnadi (18).

In addition to kidnap of the students, they stole laptops and phones.

An inside source revealed that the kidnappers made contact with family members of the seminarians on Jan. 11, “but never pronounced any amount of money as ransom.”

Now I Can Wear Camouflage In My Country – Williams Uchemba

Williams Uchemba

Nollywood actor and Instagram comedian Williams Uchemba celebrates his one minute opportunity to wear camouflage as Nigerian Army selects him as one of the celebrities who will pay tribute to our troops during this year’s Armed forces remembrance day celebration.

The excited entertainer wrote thus: “Its an honor to be selected by the Nigerian Defense Headquarters to be one of the few that will be paying tribute to our troops. Let’s celebrate our fallen heroes. Now I can wear camouflage for the right reasons in my country.”

The Armed forces remembrance celebration is the period the nation celebrates and remembers the fallen heroes who have laid their lives for Nigeria. The occasion is terminates with the Armed forces remembrance day in January 15th of every year.