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Woman Loses Her Sick Baby In Lagos Hospital Because The Doctor Abandoned Him To Go And Pray

A Nigerian mother has lamented the ugly experience she had at Lagos General hospital Ikorodu where she took her 9-months old baby for treatment due to difficulty in breathing.

The bereaved mum

Unfortunately, she lost the baby because the only doctor on duty abandoned the baby and went to go and pray, after keeping her waiting for several hours.

Her words below:

“My son had an attack around 3am in the morning on the 19th of July,2019. we got to General hospital Ikorodu around 3:30am, rushed to the emergency room and had my mom fill form for my son cos he needs to be attended to immediately… Unfortunately for us, the doctor wasn’t on

seat or in his office and what the nurse said then was “I can do nothing to him unless the doctor is here” (in Yoruba) tho after helping with oxygen.
Called his line it was switched off, checked his office he wasn’t there, nobody knows his whereabout.
When he was later

Found around 5am, he wasn’t emotional, no sign of emergency act through him, he wasn’t audible enough when he started asking question, no first aid treatment except from the one given from the nurse, the worst part of it was that he kept insisting he wants to go pray (as a Muslim

All of this was around 5:30am cos I kept checking the time. He wrote all what to get… Ran to get them and got back. He told me to get another stuffs, went to get them… During this period he was already at the mosque..
He got back around after 6 and my son was already weak…

He kept attending to other people (tho I’m not really against that but those people are not even emergency cases cos they were only complaining about headache or body pain) During this period my son couldn’t breath fine again and he said he will need to transfer us to ikeja cos

there’s no bed to admit him.. to cut the long story short… I lost my son around 10am in the morning… No treatment given, no first aid except from oxygen given, all items bought was wasted, no effort shown at all, even at his death bed no emotion at all… I’m not writing this

cos I feel I should write it… I already promised the doctor I’m gonna file a petition against him for incompetency… I don’t know his name but I know they will surely search for his name through their register… He was on night shift and he’s a muslim… If we don’t do this,

they won’t take government work serious. They feel government can’t do nothing to them that’s why they keep wasting lives … Please kindly help repost this till the government see this
Thank you 

ps: my son was just 9 month 2 days then… I’m pained right now.”

Nigerian Youth Cry For Help As SARS Men Promise To Catch Him Again After A Senior Police Officer Secured His Release

A young Nigerian man named Jude has narrated his ordeal in this hands of rogue SARS men who stopped him while driving and demanded to search his phone, when he declined, they ordered him to drive with them to their office.

Mr Jude

However, the young man rather diverted and drove to the Force Headquarters, Enugu where he was able to secure his release after a Senior police heard his outcry and call for help at the Force gate.

Read his story:

“Please I’m currently at Force headquarters Enugu.
SARS entered my vehicle and wanted to take me to their office because I refused to open my phone. I diverted them and drove to force headquarters.
Please help @PoliceNG_CRU @PoliceNG my number 07064532003

When they stopped me, they asked to search my vehicle and later asked me to open my phone and I refused.
Their Oga, now asked two of his boys to enter my vehicle and go to their office. While driving, one of them said that when we get to office, I’ll beg to open my phone.

So I got scared knowing fully what they did to a friend sometime ago.
So I decided to drive straight to force headquarters Enugu and told them I want to follow shortcut.
We got to the gate and they wanted to cuff me angrily and I started begging officers around to intervene.

Luckily, a senior police woman, kindly asked them what I did and they said they wants to take me to their office and get a search warrant to go search my house. She asked them again what allegations do they have against me before she asked me to excuse them.

After sometime, I was called and asked to go. When I got to the gate, their oga had come to pick them at the gate. One of them said, shebi in this Enugu, that there’s no problem. I’m scared now because I could meet them again as Enugu is easy to locate anyone.”

Nigerian Man Invents New Type Of Tricycles

A Nigerian Security systems analyst and entrepreneur Mr Oluwaseun Oyegbola has invented tricycles with doors and covers, fitted with cooling fan to keep the passengers cool while in the ride.

Mr Oyegbola

Mr Oyegbola said his invention is to encourage the adoption of tricycle hailing services and also bring a new dimension to the use of tricycles in Nigeria.

Speaking on why he used cooling fans instead of air conditioners, Mr Oluwaseun said that the engine capacity of tricycles are too small to handle the power of air conditioners and any attempt to use more powerful engines will increase the cost of the tricycles.

The tricycles are notably more convenient for commuters than the regular open tricycles. He pegged the price for one unit at N950k, while attractive discounts will be given on purchasing 10 units and above.

My Oyegbola has called for investors to buy into the project.

Teachers Protest Non-payment Of Salaries And Illegal Sack In Calabar

Governor Ayade

A cross-section of teachers in Cross River State have today gathered in protest at the Government house Calabar, the Cross River State capital, against the recent move of the State Governor, Senator Benedict Ayade to sack hundreds of teachers and deny many others salaries for the month of September and October.

The protesting teachers

The aggrieved Civil Servants mentioned that the Governor is illegally with-holding the wages of those who were employed from 2015 on the claims that their employment was not based on his approval.

Notably, the teachers carried placards with inscriptions that read:

Stop punishing us, pay us our salaries, Education in Cross River is already drowning, We voted for you with love don’t pay us back with hunger, Our students can attest that we are not ghost teachers, Put back our names on the payroll…etc.

The protesting teachers alleged that the Governor have removed their names from the payroll on claims that all those employed from 2015 upwards were employed illegally, hence are ghost workers.

Efforts of correspondence to reach any Government official for questioning was unsuccessful as no one was willing to grant interviews.

Also, the office of the Commissioner for Education was inaccessible as no Commissioner(s) have been appointed six months into the administration’s second tenure.

The Executive Governor is also not in the State as all these unfold.

EFCC Arrest 3 Civil Servants For Diverting People Salaries

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC, Port Harcourt Zonal Office, on Monday November 4,  2019 three civil servants Charity Nneoma Ukonu, Udeachara Uche and Idika Kalu before Justice E.N Anyadike of the Federal High Court sitting in Umuahia, Abia State.

Udeachara Uche
Charity Ukonu

Idika Kalu

The trio were charged with 11-count charge bordering on money laundering, stealing and diversion of funds to the tune of N6,260,321.08 contrary to Section 18(a) and Punishable under Section 15 of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2012 (as amended).

Specifically, the three defendants, all employees of Abia State Government and members of Abia State Salary Verification Committee, allegedly defrauded and stole money from the funds designated for salaries by the State Government to the tune of N6,260,321.08.