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SARS Forcefully Cut Off Man’s Dreads In Abia State And Give Him New Looks

Nigerian man cries for justice as he accuses SARS in Abia State of cutting off his father’s dreadlocks for no reason.

Divine Michael Jackson, who lives in Port Harcourt, shared a photo of his father’s hair before it was cut and another photo taken after his long natural locs had been scraped off.

He accused SARS operatives of being responsible and added that they seized the chopped off locks and asked his father to return on Tuesday to collect his hair.

“Am so sad we need justice to take place. we need human right please before they will kill my poor dad 4 me (sic),” Divine MJ wrote, adding, “Let justice take place even if we are poor.” he wrote

Breaking! Nnamdi Kanu Apologises To Nigerian Government Ahead Of His Parents Funeral Today

Kanu with his parents before he escaped from Nigeria

Leader of the proscribed Indigenous People Of Biafra IPOB, has sent an apology to the Nigerian Government, vis-a-vis the Nigerian Police and some top Government officials.

This apology is coming ahead of the funeral of his father and mother today Friday in Abia State.

This is why Nnamdi Kanu is apologising: Recall that in the last few weeks, his local community where his parents reside has witnessed a large presence of the Nigerian military forces, who are standing guard in preparation to the funeral ceremony of the leader’s parents.

The Nigerian Police had previously issued a statement warning against the participation of IPOB in the funeral proceedings, stating that if any member of IPOB is found at the program, they will be arrested and the funeral service disrupted.

Mr Kanu got infuriated on hearing the police statement and went on Biafran radio to threaten that if the police interferes in the funeral proceedings of his late parents, IPOB will attack the children of the Commissioner of Police in Abia State and also children of some top Government officials.

However, yesterday, in what can be seen as a shocking turnaround, Mr Kanu issued a written apology on this Twitter account where he regrets and retrieves his threats to the Government officials stating that he went too far to drag their kids into the matter.

Read his full statement below:

“This Friday, mourners in Biafra will come together to attend the funeral for my beloved parents, Eze Israel Okwu Kanu and Ugoeze Sally Nmenme Kanu.

“During this time of mourning, the Indigenous People of #Biafra are living in a constant state of fear.

‘The Abia State Commissioner of Police is threatening to disrupt the funeral and there continues to be a large military presence in the area, which has a history of inflicting violence against the IPOB.

“This has caused a range of emotions for me. I have now gone from an extreme sense of sadness after losing both of my parents, to an extreme sense of anger knowing that the mourners are in grave danger.

“In this time of immense grieving and anger, I made threats against the children of the Police Commissioner and other Nigerian officials on my radio program, Radio Biafra.

“This was wrong and I sincerely apologize. Children should always be off limits.

“It was my intention to bring global awareness to the threats and imminent danger the Government has placed on my family and community in hopes that shining a global spotlight on the actions of the Government will prevent them from inciting violence against my people.

“In doing so, I went too far.

“It is my great hope that the Indigenous People of Biafra can mourn in peace on Friday and can live in peace every single day forward.”

From all indications Mr Kanu will not be attending the funeral service of this parents.

Terrorism – Army Intercepts 4653 Rounds Of Bullets Hidden Inside Rice Bag

The Nigerian Army has intercepted 4,653 rounds of bullets disguised as rice, in Zamfara State.

The incident occurred at about 10a.m on Wednesday, when troops deployed at lMoriki, Zamfara State, received a tip-off on the movement of ammunition and mounted an emergency stop and search checkpoint.

Shortly after, a motor bike arrived carrying a ‘bag of rice.’ The bike man, however, refused to stop for routine checks and the troop had to give a hot chase.

They got the bike impounded while the rider escaped. They later discovered that the bag contained about 4653 rounds of 7.62mm (special).

Baby Escapes Death From Stray Bullet Fired By Careless Policeman

A baby has reportedly escaped death from a stray bullet fired by a police officer in Trans Amadi, Port Harcourt.

The baby was in the company of his mum and dad who went to buy his pampers when the unfortunate incident happened. The bullet hit the child on his stomach causing severe injury to the boy.

The reason why the bullet was fired is yet to be known but his parents have reported the matter for investigation and arrest of the erring officer.

Officers of the Nigerian Police have taken a lot of innocent lives over the years from stray bullet often times fired for careless and flimsy reasons.

Thankful the baby was only injured not killed.

The baby

Nigerian Man Shoots Another Nigerian Man For Urinating In His Area

Rasheed O.J Olabode the victim is a 27 year old Nigerian photographer who just immigrated to the US, and Christopher Poole, the killer is a 26 year old Nigerian who has been in the US much longer. Both men live in Newark.

The incident occurred on April 26, 2018 at around 10.45am.

Olabode was out running errands with his friends, then he had need for a restroom, since none was around, he went out of the car on the 700 block of South 20th Street and began urinating behind the vehicle.

Next, the assailant Poole, who lives on the block, was angered by the sight of Olabode urinating, walked into his house across the street and picked a gun.

Surveillance footage showed as he walked over to Olabode with the gun and pointed at him, Olabode pleaded with him not to shoot, but he went ahead and shot him in the chest while his friends watched from the car a distance away.

Poole walked away immediately he shot him, then Olabode ran to the car, and his friends flagged down a police officer and called an amblance. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Poole has just been sentenced to life in prison.