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Video: Federal Government Introduces Robots To Work At Airports

The Federal Government has taken delivery of robots that will work on screening passengers at the Airports in the country. The unveiling of the robots at the Abuja Airport terminal on Thursday had the robots powered and moving about to show their capabilities.

This move is done in preparation of the reopening of the nation airports after 3months of shut down due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The robots dance to welcome people:

The robots are going to take over checking and screening passengers at the Airport to reduce human to human interactions to further curb the spread of Covid-19 and keep the airports safe for passengers.

More pictures:

Exclusive: Nigerian Lady Invents a Special Type Of Facemask

A young Nigerian female has designed a special kind of facemask that has never been seen before.

The mask comes with a screen to cover the eyes and most part of the face, unlike conventional mask that only covers the nose and mouth.

The mask is made of cloth materials and a rubber screen fixed onto it to cover the area of the eyes. Interestingly, the Covid-19 virus enters the body through the mouth, nose and eyes, so her design could be useful in preventing tiny particles of the virus from cough or sneeze of an infected person getting in through the eyes and also prevent people from touching their eyes with their hands.

Nice invention, isn’t it?

International Powers Are Threatening Me Because I Speak Against 5G – Dino Melaye

“I have received two international calls threatening me and warning me to back off the 5G issue. I was told by the last caller that 5G is bigger than Presidents of nations so I should stop. And I told him it is not bigger than God. I am not killable by man”, those are the words of Dino Melaye on his Twitter handle this afternoon.

Dino Melaye claims he’s been threatened for speaking against the 5G internet technology that has generated a lot of controversies worldwide.

He has been one of the prominent Nigerian voices to speak against the technology, claiming it is designed to kill everyone on planet, as others link it to Coronavirus. Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy has also been very vocal in his theory that 5G is the antichrist.

Few days ago, citizens of the United Kingdom who share the same views on the technology, burnt down a 5G transmission tower in Birmingham.

Breaking Video! A 5G Transmission Tower Set Ablaze In England

The city of Birmingham, England witnessed the burning of a 5G transmission tower 2 nights ago.

Aftermath of the fire

This, according to eye witnesses may be connected to the rising concerns around the world of the dangerous effects of the 5G technology on mankind.

Videos of the burning tower below:

In recent days, the internet has been awash with several theories claiming the 5G technology is here to wipe out the human race, with some even claiming it is the cause of the Coronavirus ravaging the world.

While some believe the technology is set to guarantee a faster internet service and better our lives, those on the opposing side have shown opposition to the new technology.

There is also a third school of thought who belief that the stories of destruction are mere conspiracy theories masterminded by the United States to make sure the technology is not adopted since it’s being introduced by their economic rival, China.

What do you think?? Share your thoughts on the comments section.

It Will Take Us 1year To Get The Vaccine For Covid-19 – W.H.O

The World Health Organization has said the vaccine for the treatment of the Covid-19 virus is currently being worked upon but will not be ready until about 1year or 1year 6months.

Speaking to TVC news, the spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said that vaccine take years to build and put to use because of the mandatory clinical test they have to go through, but they are trying all they can to fast track the Covid-19 vaccine because of the ongoing pandemic, but there’s no way they can make it quicker than 1year.

Also speaking on the use of facemask, he said that facemask are required for use by people who are infected, those who are sick, those who take care of the infected persons and medical workers since they are exposed to the sick and infected people. But he said that healthy people do not require a facemask. One of the reasons being that facemask are currently scarce in the world and healthy people wearing it, automatically makes it harder for those who really need it to get it.

The World Health Organization reports that in a few more days, the global number of cases for the Covid-19 will hit 1million, as yesterday 2nd April, the number of confirmed cases was 950,000 with 48,000 deaths and 200,000 recoveries.