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Trump Defends Africa, Threatens WHO In Open Letter

The President of the United States has written an open letter to the World Health Organization under the leadership of Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus where he queries the relationship between the World Health Organization and China.

President Trump accused WHO of covering up for China when the Coronavirus outbreak was noticed in Wuhan. He said that China has not been transparent in information relating to the origin, transmission and seriousness of the virus in its early days, while the WHO was complacent in covering up such wicked mischief that has caused the death of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

He further spoke against the maltreatment of Africans in China as the Chinese authorities forcefully arrested and quarantined Africans in an attempt to accuse them of being responsible for the virus.

Read the full letter below;

The President ended by issuing warnings to the organization that if they don’t retrace their steps and show genuine leadership in handling global health, he will permanently withdraw funding of the United States from the Organization and review US membership.

Trump has currently withdrawn US funding temporarily.

Breaking Video! A 5G Transmission Tower Set Ablaze In England

The city of Birmingham, England witnessed the burning of a 5G transmission tower 2 nights ago.

Aftermath of the fire

This, according to eye witnesses may be connected to the rising concerns around the world of the dangerous effects of the 5G technology on mankind.

Videos of the burning tower below:

In recent days, the internet has been awash with several theories claiming the 5G technology is here to wipe out the human race, with some even claiming it is the cause of the Coronavirus ravaging the world.

While some believe the technology is set to guarantee a faster internet service and better our lives, those on the opposing side have shown opposition to the new technology.

There is also a third school of thought who belief that the stories of destruction are mere conspiracy theories masterminded by the United States to make sure the technology is not adopted since it’s being introduced by their economic rival, China.

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Americans Lament As Their Government Charges Them $3,000 (1.90m naira) To Test For Coronavirus

Citizens of the United States of America have lamented and complained on Twitter about how much they have to pay to get themselves tested for the highly contagious virus currently plaguing the globe.

According to their claims, they pay as high as $3,000 just to be able to test for Coronavirus. This they blame on the kind of health system they run in the country.

Interestingly, other countries of the world affected by the virus offer free testing.

The various complaints below:

One person claim the Government rejected the WHO test, just so they can make money from Americans.
The WHO test cost just $17, as against the $3,000 they Government wants them to pay.
The expensive testing is only going to scare people away and help the virus spread more.
This user thinks the American health care system was never about curing people but profit oriented.

Coronavirus is spreading around the world real quick, for Governments to successfully contain the virus, they have to be willing to spend on behalf of its citizens.

EFCC Official Gives Shocking Revelation Of What US Government Said About Abacha Loot

Mr Olukayode

The Federal Government of Nigeria has just taken possession of $308million of another Abacha loot that was stashed in the United States of America.

Since the death of former Nigerian Head of State and military dictator, General Sani Abacha, the Nigerian Government has received monies from overseas in excess of $5b allegedly stolen and stored up by the Head of State.

Officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC were involved in the latest retrieval from the USA and one of it’s senior officials Mr Olukayode gave a recount of what those from the American side told him:

“Two weeks ago, I was privileged to be on the team that went to recover $308million for Nigeria. They are from Washington.

“You know what the Oyinbos told us when we wanted to sign the treaty? They had the audacity to look into our eyes and said: ‘If you people steal this money again, we will collect it back from you.

“I stood up against them, I said: ‘We are not a corrupt nation. A few people might have stolen money, but Nigeria is not a corrupt nation.

“And you know it is not their fault, (they said that) because they have seen recovered loot being looted again.”

Mr Olukayode is the EFCC Secretary.

Nigerian Man Shoots Another Nigerian Man For Urinating In His Area

Rasheed O.J Olabode the victim is a 27 year old Nigerian photographer who just immigrated to the US, and Christopher Poole, the killer is a 26 year old Nigerian who has been in the US much longer. Both men live in Newark.

The incident occurred on April 26, 2018 at around 10.45am.

Olabode was out running errands with his friends, then he had need for a restroom, since none was around, he went out of the car on the 700 block of South 20th Street and began urinating behind the vehicle.

Next, the assailant Poole, who lives on the block, was angered by the sight of Olabode urinating, walked into his house across the street and picked a gun.

Surveillance footage showed as he walked over to Olabode with the gun and pointed at him, Olabode pleaded with him not to shoot, but he went ahead and shot him in the chest while his friends watched from the car a distance away.

Poole walked away immediately he shot him, then Olabode ran to the car, and his friends flagged down a police officer and called an amblance. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Poole has just been sentenced to life in prison.