If My Wife Meets My Side chick In a Mall And Fights Her, I Am Upgrading My Side Chick To Wife – Nigerian ‘Sugar Daddy’ Says

A Nigerian ‘sugar daddy’ Mr Oloshula has made revelations on Twitter that has generated a lot of controversy among Nigerians.

His comment was made following the recent viral video in Lagos mall where a wife was seen beating and dragging her husband’s side chick for snatching her husband from her.

The mall incident.

Several reactions from Nigerians trial the video, with some people bashing the woman for the public show, while others say she did the right thing.

IF you as my wife meet my side chick in a mall and you choose to disrespect me by making a show of it, if the babe respects me and keeps her calm. I am upgrading her to wife, end of story.”

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