Meet 15-year-old Nigerian Girl With PhD Planning To Open A Bank

Meet 15-year-old Nigerian Girl With PhD Planning To Open A Bank

“I want to (finish the course) in two years. I want to have a bank by the time I’m 15 because I like numbers and I like people and banking is a great way to help people.”

Those are not usual words you hear from a 15-year-old. But those right there were said by young Esther Okade, a 15-year-old British-Nigerian Genius with a PhD in Financial Mathematics. Yes Mathematics!

Esther’s story came to light last year when she was interviewed by CNN.

Esther lives with her parents in Walsall, UK, and like every other child, was a normal kid at birth and while growing up loved to play with her dolls and dress them up.

However, at some point in her growing years, her parents noticed her exceptional love for number and mathematics, this prompted her mother Omonefe Okade, who is a mathematics teacher to home school her. So Esther, did not attend normal school like other kids.

When she was 6years old, Esther took up her first challenge, writing a math GCSE, an exam usually taken by 14 -16-year-olds in the UK and she passed.

She moved into the university immediately and always came top of her class as an undergraduate. By the time she was 10, Esther enrolled in the Open University in UK and at 15, got her PhD in Financial Mathematics.

Ovation please!

The black excellence has written a book series titled Yummy Yummy Algebra. Young Esther plans to own a bank at 15.

The entire team, celebrate her.

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