Miyetti Allah Orders All Herdsmen To Stop Moving With Cattle At Night

Spokesman of the association speaking to newsmen after the meeting.

The Miyetti Allah Cattle Breaders Association (MACBAN) have today at their annual General meeting in Yobe State issued a directive to all herders in Nigeria to end grazing cattle at night.

The association, which had as one of it’s agenda, the conflict between farmers and herders in the country reached the unanimous decision that could help cut down substantially the ugly conflicts between farmers and herders in Nigeria.

Some of the directives as reported by the association are:

1. No herder should graze their Cattle at night.

2. Children are no longer permitted to graze cattle.

3. Women should no longer hawk milk.

A child herder.

Spokesman of the association, while responding to newsmen said that most conflicts between herders and with take place at night because cattle and their herders cannot differentiate between farmlands and grazing areas due to darkness, hence they destroy farms. He also said that children are no longer permitted to herd cattle as they are not knowledgeable enough to control cattle to graze only on safe grounds.

The association says strict punishments will be given to any herder who flouts the order.

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