Mom Defeats Crocodile In a Serious Fight To Save Her Son’s Life

Mom Defeats Crocodile In a Serious Fight To Save Her Son’s Life

In a bizarre incident, a 30year old mother in Zimbabwe battled with a crocodile to rescue her 3year old son.

Gideon and mummy in the hospital

The woman, Maurina Musisinyana took her two children fishing in Runde River, but when they got to the river, she left them by the river bank to play while she took a boat to commence the fishing.

A few moments later she heard a scream from her son Gideon, she turned and saw him being dragged by a huge crocodile, immediately she returned back to shore, jumped on the crocodile and began wrestling with it. She quickly reached for its nose and used her fingers to block it from breathing, this choked the beast and it quickly released her son from its mouth.

Narrating the incident to doctors she said; “I pressed its nose hard, a tip I learnt from the elders long back. If you ­suffocate a crocodile from its nose, it loses its strength and that is exactly what I did. .

I used my other arm to free my baby’s head from its jaws.”

Gideon has made full recovery after 1week in the hospital, while the mom is still recovering as the crocodile had bitten her hand in the process.

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