Nigerian Man Invents New Type Of Tricycles

Nigerian Man Invents New Type Of Tricycles

A Nigerian Security systems analyst and entrepreneur Mr Oluwaseun Oyegbola has invented tricycles with doors and covers, fitted with cooling fan to keep the passengers cool while in the ride.

Mr Oyegbola

Mr Oyegbola said his invention is to encourage the adoption of tricycle hailing services and also bring a new dimension to the use of tricycles in Nigeria.

Speaking on why he used cooling fans instead of air conditioners, Mr Oluwaseun said that the engine capacity of tricycles are too small to handle the power of air conditioners and any attempt to use more powerful engines will increase the cost of the tricycles.

The tricycles are notably more convenient for commuters than the regular open tricycles. He pegged the price for one unit at N950k, while attractive discounts will be given on purchasing 10 units and above.

My Oyegbola has called for investors to buy into the project.

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