Leave My Late Father’s Property Alone – Bukola Saraki Begs Kwara Governor

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  • Leave My Late Father’s Property Alone – Bukola Saraki Begs Kwara Governor

    Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, Kwara State Governor

    Former Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki has cried out to the Governor of Kwara State Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq to leave his father’s property alone as the Governor makes moves to revoke a property which he claims belongs to his late father Dr Olusola Abubakar Saraki.

    Late Dr Olusola Abubakar Saraki, Bukola Saraki’s father.

    According to the former Senator who is also former Governor of Kwara, the property was allocated to his late father under the name of one of his father’s companies, Asa Investment Ltd and was used and still being used as old people’s home serving as venue for hosting social welfare services where food, clothing and medical supplies are distributed to the poor and old in the society.

    Dr Saraki accuses the Governor of waging a war of vengeance on him and his family for no reason and trying to destroy the legacies of his late father.

    The former Senate President also warned that the Governor will not succeed in his ploy to destroy him, because all power belongs to God and he will not tolerate any move against him by the Governor.

    The communique from Bukola Saraki to the Governor:

    Meanwhile, the Governor of Kwara State claims that Saraki’s father illegally awarded the land to himself when he was Governor using his executive powers, hence he intends to demolish the property and build an Ultra modern State Secretariat on the said land for the benefit of the people of Kwara.

    Proposed Secretariat complex Governor Abdulrazaq plans to erect on the property

  • I Was The First Person To Sign Davido, But His Father Paid Me To Leave Him Alone – Tosin

    Entrepreneur and record label owner Tosin has revealed that he’s the first person to sign Davido to his first official music contract when he started music but his billionaire father didn’t like him doing music so he invited him to a meeting and paid him to leave Davido alone.

    Mr Tosin

    Mr Tosin said he signed Davido under Black Diamond promotions label with his partner Cecil Hammond.

    Davido has himself revealed in an interview that his father never wanted him to do music and he did all he can to disrupt his music career even to the point of getting him arrested.

    Davido is now one of the biggest acts out of Africa.

  • Lady Cries Out After A Customer Buys Something From Her With Charmed Money

    The victim

    A young business woman has been in tears since a customer visited her shop and bought items worth N25k and gave her N26k promising to return for more items. However, as soon as the customer left, she took the money and discovered it was all N10 notes and just one thousand naira.

    This is how she posted on her Twitter handle: “I just got swindled guys.. A man bought goods what of 25k with me a while ago, he dropped 26k saying he is gonna come back.. I was doing calculation few minutes ago and found out i have been jazzed… Its all ten nairas and five nairas with a thousand naira… 25k”

    Tales of swindlers paying people with charmed money is nothing new in Nigeria, and we guess this isn’t the last of it we will hear.

  • Port Harcourt Based Makeup Artist Buys Her Boyfriend A Car For Christmas

    The social media space in Nigeria has been in a frenzy after a young makeup artist revealed she got a car for her boyfriend as Christmas present.

    The couple

    The young lady who said she saved up N10,000 every week for 2years just so she gets her man a car revealed she did it because some friends mocked her that she’s dating a broke man with no car.

    Women are beginning to change the narrative.

  • Bird Flew Inside Mountain Of Fire Church Wearing A Skirt

    An owl bird has been caught inside a Mountain of Fire Church in Onike, Lagos State.

    The bird which was seen covered in a cloth said to be a skirt was killed by members who felt its a demonic bird that came to attack the church.

    The incident created a lot of panic and fear in the minds of worshippers who chanted Jesus and Holy Holy ghost fire upon the bird.

    Some Nigerians however, say that there’s no superstitious meaning to it, that the bird only accidentally missed its way and its wings clipped on a cloth as it landed the church.