Army Training Is So Tough That We Often Expect Up To 25% of Trainees To Die During Recruitment Exercise — Ex-Defence spokesman

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  • Army Training Is So Tough That We Often Expect Up To 25% of Trainees To Die During Recruitment Exercise — Ex-Defence spokesman

    A former spokesman of the Defense Headquarters Gen. John Agim Agim (rtd), has revealed that during each recruitment exercise, about 15-25% of successful applicants are expected to die during training.

    He made this known in a recent interview with media house, TheNation.

    According to him: “The military training we get already takes care of whatever situation we find ourselves. .

    In training, we are taught how to survive in whichever situation we find ourselves. Even if we are captured by the enemy, we know how to survive so we don’t die as a prisoner of war. .

    So by the time we go for the real operations, to us it usually looks like a rehearsal because we have already seen the worst during trainings.

    I urge Nollywood film makers to try and see ways of how they can produce a few of our drills so that the public can know some of the things that we go through. .

    I can assure you that we have a robust training that when you come out of it alive, you know that it is not you but God. You can go for several days without food. .

    And for each of our recruitments, there is a percentage expected to die during training. And that could be as much as between 15 and 25%. .

    That alone shows you that it is no play zone or a boys scout lifestyle. That is why when filling a form to the Nigerian Defence Academy, you sign a bond that you are responsible for your decision.”

    The Nigerian army has proven itself overtime to be a powerful battalion in many wars and peace keeping missions around the globe. They are currently fighting the terror group Boko Haram.

  • Husband Kills His Mother-in-law, Wife’s Sister And A Baby Because They Send Boys To Beat Him Up Whenever He Quarrels With His Wife

    The suspect and his in-laws.

    Edoghogho Omorogbe is a 44year-old tipper driver resident in Edo State, he has just been arrested for killing his mother-in-law, Alice Omorogbe 52, his sister- in- law, Blessing Efe, 25, and her six- month-old baby.

    The suspect carried out the killings on September 10, 2019, at their residence in #Iguadolor Community, #Edo State.

    Suspect confessed to the crime giving the excuse that his in-laws always hire boys to beat him anytime he had issues with his wife, be it a quarrel or he just talks to her anyhow, the victims would hire boys who come and beat him up.

    He said: “I am a tipper driver but since the rains started I was doing menial jobs.

    I killed them out of annoyance because my mother -in- law used boys to beat me up. She would say I am talking to my wife anyhow. If I quarrel with my wife, she will send boys to beat me up.

    I didn’t know the cutlass will meet the baby. After I killed them, I ran away. Later I came out and went to tell my father what I did. I have not seen my wife since I killed her mother and sister.”

    Terrible isn’t it?

  • Don’t Call It Rape, They Are Lovers – NUT Chairman says of a teacher and a 12-year-old pregnant schoolgirl.

    Adamawa NUT Chairman, Comrade Nathan

    Comrade Rodney Nathan (pictured), The State chairman of NUT #Adamawa State chapter has condemned reports that a teacher raped a 12-year-old schoolgirl in Namtari.

    Nathan said the claims made by Adamawa Police command, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (#NSCDC), were premature and not correct, as proper investigations were not carried out before going to the press. He revealed that the relationship between the teacher and the schoolgirl was consensual and known to the parents of the girl and the (Namtari) community at large.

    He mentioned that at the time Mr Yusuf was arrested, the keys to his room were with the girl in question, which suggested that the duo were engaged in a mutual relationship.

    Quoting Mr Nathan, “one cannot call a mutual relationship between a schoolgirl and her teacher who are mutually in love a rape case.”

    He said from the report submitted by a panel of enquiry set up by NUT to investigate the matter, it became known that the teacher and schoolgirl had been lovers for at least six months. And to further buttress this point, the investigation committee’s report revealed that the schoolgirl “is carrying a six-month pregnancy, an indication that a long term relationship had existed between the teacher and the schoolgirl.”

    The Chairman however said that he doesn’t condone any case of rape but he is convinced that this very case was not a rape case.

    Our correspondents notes that a 12-year-old is supposed to be a minor and not qualified for any form of intimacy in a relationship.

  • It Is An Insult To Complain That Senators Spend Billions On Cars – Senator Abdullahi

    Senator Abdullahi

    In a country that is the poverty capital of the world, Nigerian Senators are ironically the highest paid lawmakers on earth. Their salary and allowance account for a large percentage of Nigeria’s recurrent expenditure, while other civil servants are paid peanuts.

    In recent times, Nigerians have begun to agitate for a cut in the salaries and allowances of these lawmakers, especially as the country is faced with serious economic difficulties. A recent signage into law of a new minimum wage for civil servants has still not been implemented as Government claims there is not enough funds to begin implementation.

    However, amidst all these challenges, the Nigerian Senate has budgeted N5.5 billion for the provision of SUVs for all serving lawmakers. This move sparked nationwide criticisms from ordinary Nigerians who feel the lawmakers are insensitive to the plight of Nigeria.

    Interestingly, a leader of the Senate, Senator Abdullahi Yahaya when asked about these issues, said that people are just being mischievous for insinuating that they are spending too much on cars.

    He made it known that Ministers get, in some cases, 3-4 cars and they are lesser in ranks than Senators. Also, that many Nigerian Local Governments are no longer functioning, hence its the Senators who through Constituency allowance take on the duties of Local Governments in providing infrastructure and water to their constituents.

    His words “Ministers are given official cars, not just one car. In some cases, the ministers that never run for any election get three to four cars. There are directors who have more than three or four jeeps at their disposal. .

    I was a Perm Sec, so I know what obtains in government. So for someone to come out and say, a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria should not be given an ordinary Jeep is wrong.

    I think that is an insult. People do not really appreciate the role Senators play in the national polity. This issue of cars is mischievous or complete lack of appreciation of the work that senators do. .

    Several of these senators are the ones ensuring that they provide water for their communities because the local governments in most states are no longer functioning

    It is an insult to say that a senator of the Federal Republic cannot ride a jeep in Nigeria. It is an insult. I know what ministers get; we cannot even compare ourselves to ministers because we are higher than the ministers

    For you to say that a senator of the Federal Republic cannot drive a jeep today — come on, that is an insult. Go and tell the people that the work that what we do is more than the work of ministers.”

  • Rochas To Appear In Court Over Inciting Comments Against The Government

    The immediate past Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha, has been charged to a magistrate’s court in Owerri over an allegation of incitement.

    The suit is brought by Governor Emeka Ihedioha-led administration who allege that Okorocha has been inciting his supporters to disobey the state government.

    The administration has been at loggerhead with Senator Okorocha since its inception over how he handled the State affairs while he was in power. They have laid accusations on him bordering on corruption and abuse of office as well as orders the seizures of some of his properties and businesses in the State. In a particular incident, the Chairman of the Task force on Recovery of Government properties was beaten up when he led a group to take over one of Okorocha’s properties.

    On this most recent development, the state’s attorney-general on behalf of the state government, in a
    suit with reference number OW/MISC.79/2019, filed at the Owerri
    district of the magistrate’s court, alleging that Okorocha made
    seditious and inciting statements against the government, “even on air
    using his radio station (Reach FM)”.

    The attorney-general further alleged that Senator Okorocha, now spends
    more time in Owerri, “cavorting with his retinue of well-armed thugs
    and urchins referred to as ‘Ohaji Boys’ whom he employed to cause

    The Imo government also claims that Ihedioha’s aide was beaten to a
    pulp when he went to Okorocha’s Spibat residence to serve the former
    governor court papers.

    The case is fixed for October 8, 2019.