Verdict Of The 2019 Presidential Election Tribunal

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  • Verdict Of The 2019 Presidential Election Tribunal

    The Presidential Election Tribunal has given verdict today on the most controversial election results in Nigerian history – the February 23rd, 2019 Presidential elections.

    The opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP) had claimed that the ruling APC and President Buhari rigged the elections and stole their mandate. They made the following claims, that, President Buhari was not qualified to contest the elections as he lacked SSCE certificate, the APC used the military to intimidate voters and rigged elections in their favor, and that INEC transmitted results to a Central Sever which showed that Atiku was the winner of the elections.

    Today, the 5 man panel of the tribunal gave the following verdict;

    – President Buhari is qualified to contest the 2019 Presidential election.

    – President Buhari did not only possess SSCE but other certificate obtained in the army.

    – Petitioners (PDP legal team) failed to prove that the second respondent (President Buhari) was not educationally qualified.

    – Petitioner had no proof that President Buhari submitted false documents to INEC.

    – Allegation on security agencies struck out.

    – Testimony of Osita Chidoka, the principal witness for the petitioners, struck out.

    This judgment has upheld the victory of President Buhari and finally laid to rest the issues regarding the elections.