Trump Is A Terrorist, A Criminal, A Child Abuser – Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman

American Hollywood superstar Morgan Freeman has joined voices to thousands of celebrities worldwide in condemning President Donald Trump as he make moves to engage Iran in a war.

The Hollywood legend who didn’t take it kindly with the President, condemned the President in the harshest terms via his Twitter handle. He labeled Trump a terrorist, child abuser, racist, scam artist, sexist, coward, liar, crook, and a criminal.

Those are some strong words!

Donald Trump is a TERRORIST
Donald Trump is a CHILD ABUSER
Donald Trump is a RACIST
Donald Trump is a SCAM ARTIST
Donald Trump is a SEXIST
Donald Trump is a COWARD
Donald Trump is a LIAR
Donald Trump is a CROOK
Donald Trump is a CRIMINAL

Donald Trump is NOT MY PRESIDENT

Recently Trump just sent three thousand US soldiers to the Middle East in preparation for a warfare. He also made a tweet saying that the US has invested trillions of dollars into military equipments and some of that brand new equipments will be sent to Iran.

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